2019 Toyota RAV4 Review #8

2019 Toyota RAV4 Review #8 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2019 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2019
  • SUV
  • 4 generation restyling
  • Petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2019 Toyota RAV4 Review #8 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1
  • 2019 Toyota RAV4 Review #8 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 2
  • 2019 Toyota RAV4 Review #8 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 3



Consumer Report

Good afternoon! A car for 2154 thousand rubles, in an anniversary configuration with a black ceiling, wheels, side mirrors, roof rails and a couple more details, but this (except for the ceiling and wheels) is not visible due to the fact that the base color of the body is also black. I own a car for exactly six months, drove 10 thousand km. and has already passed MOT No. 1, so I have already made a certain impression and opinion about the car, PERSONAL PERCEPTION.

I'll start with the positives.

1) excellent dynamics.

engine size and power and torque together allow you to overtake very quickly on the highway, rebuild in a traffic jam.

2) gasoline consumption.

at a speed of 70-85 km.h, the minimum consumption was 6.7 liters. at a speed of 110 km and a cruising speed of 2.5 thousand per minute, the consumption is 7.9 - 8.1, depending on the load on the car. 9 liters and above if you drive over 110 and actively work the accelerator pedal.

3) 4vd work in sport mode.

when the sport mode is turned on, the car is driven into a turn more efficiently due to the more active work of the outer wheels; in normal mode, the four-wheel drive is involved less.

4) soft and imperceptible passage of small bumps on the road.

suspension eats them well enough.

5) Comfortable driving on uneven and bad road.

with proper driving and not picking up all the pits, the car passes very gently on poor asphalt with potholes. I go around all the pits, in principle I keep the suspension.

6) good maneuverability

this is true, but at a speed of 70-80 km h. at such a speed, I drive on a bad road and perfectly go around all the pits and bumps on the track in almost the same way as on a moose test, but of course I don’t twist the steering wheel like on a test. compared approx. above the specified speed, it becomes difficult to avoid obstacles, the roll of the car increases.

7) practical car interior trim

in the anniversary configuration fabric seats with heating. I do not regret it at all, I did not want to take the skin, although I could. it’s comfortable to ride, the fabric is tenacious, you don’t ride on the seat, the rest of the interior details are also practical and the materials are quite simple, which is what I need.

8) luggage capacity

for me, a very good and large trunk, and if you recline the rear seats, you can transfer a large number of bags and things, this is a very big plus.

9) good sound insulation.

I liked the level of Shumkov, you can go, chat without raising your voice.

10) old and proven engine

I am very glad that this Rav 4 is sold with an old proven engine with distributed injection through nozzles, this makes it unpretentious to the quality of gasoline (according to documents 92 and higher). I didn’t buy a 2019 Subaru Forester precisely because of direct injection. I work in the area, not in the city, so the quality of gasoline on the periphery is questionable.

11) Yandex multimedia

Yandex navigator, Yandex radio, weather, synchronization with the phone - everything is super. only weak iron sometimes slows everything down.

12) good rear view camera

everything is perfectly visible day and night, even at night.


1) the location of the windshield pillars

located in such a way that all cars that are 45 degrees away from you are in the blind zone for the driver, interfere. compared to Subaru Forester, Impreza

2) a thin layer of paintwork

VERY thin, small stones and all kapets, immediately chipped

3) applies to 2.5 liter engines

the intake manifold pipe (I can name it incorrectly) literally hangs on the bottom, instead of the promised 190 mm, in fact the ground clearance is 169 mm, but it hasn’t bothered me yet.

4) short rod suspension struts.

here it’s probably not a minus, due to the short stem we have better controllability of the crossover, the roll is less pronounced, but when flying at speed on a speed bump (I tried it on purpose), or a ringing sound of iron is heard in the pit, the rebound strut is compressed completely and the blow goes to the suspension , so this is a minus for those who cannot go around the pits and a plus for handling, a similar situation when the rack is fully extended, the same iron knock is heard.

5) Russian assembly

the spoiler is crooked, the gap on the left is much smaller than on the right, I noticed when I drove 5 thousand. together, the contact of the spoiler and the trunk has a chip (apparently on a rough road, when the body oscillated, there was a blow or friction between the parts). Left a claim for a warranty case, until they answered.

conclusion: for me, the car is completely worth the money, I do not regret a bit that I bought it. a very versatile car, reliable and not whimsical, with proper maintenance, it will travel a lot of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. If I remember something, I'll update the thread.

Curve tailgate installation

Hello to all readers. A couple of months after buying the car, I discovered that the trunk lid was installed crookedly, which led to damage to the paintwork of the rear left wing in the upper part (where the trunk spoiler is in contact with the wing), as a result, the paintwork chipped 2 mm. As I saw it, I plugged it with paint, but over time, from washing, winter, and, possibly, further contact of the trunk with the wing, the paint gradually flies off and a chip appears again.

So I went for almost a year, as a result, for 30 thousand km I turned to the dealer under warranty. The following options were offered:

1) dismantling the trunk and reinstalling it and painting the wing (at the same time, due to the need to transfer the paint, you will have to cut out the rear window (well, or a small glass adjacent to the rear wing), and change it to a new one.

2) only the dismantling of the trunk without painting the wing, i.e. chip will remain.

So at TO 30 I didn’t have time to leave my car for a long time, to my question is it possible to calibrate the trunk now, and to arrive at TO 40, having previously planned the time, leave the car for maintenance and painting, to which the dealer gently answered me that he was completely not client-oriented and will not adapt to me, i.e. either the first option, or we just rearrange the trunk and then your chip is no longer a warranty case.

Logical questions followed from me: how will the implementation of the guarantee according to the first option affect the assessment of the car in the trade-in, to which the dealer answered me in surprise that, of course, this will affect its cost and, of course, to a lesser extent, because. car will be painted. my next question - what am I doing here? I bought a car from you for 2 million and now I have to suffer due to the handshake of Russian assemblers? why should I lose advantages over other customers? of course, having asked this question, I knew the answer to it, I am not naive and I understand that painting an element automatically entails a reduction in cost, what difference does it make, whose fault the painting occurred, nevertheless, the situation itself simply kills.

Similarly, the estimated cost will decrease for the second option, i.e. no matter how I act, I will suffer from a jamb in which I am not to blame.

As a result, I spat, did TO 30 and told the arrogant dealer that I would apply for a guarantee for TO 40, after thinking everything over.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo, but you won’t see anything special there, just a 2 mm chip under the spoiler.

As far as I know, all 25th anniversaries in black suffer from this exact jamb, and that there are no problems with this in other colors. Someone faced such a problem?


I’ll add more for the care of the paintwork - a web appears at any slightest impact of even soft microfiber, even the most correct sponge, the smallest dust does not get off with water and shampoo, and wiping does its job, so I always wash my car with an express wash - this way the paintwork is not damaged, but small blots are not always washed on the hood; either wash with a wipe, or they will remain and a little polishing will help over time.


I also recently took a test drive on a new Rav 4. The test had a 2-liter all-wheel drive white, the purpose of the test was a literal comparison of the old and new carts in terms of visibility, handling, suspension stiffness, etc. Since I go around any even the most insignificant bumps on the road (firstly, because I am very careful about the car, and secondly, thanks to the 2016 Subaru Impreza, on which I could not stand any bumps in principle, and therefore I drove around them), for me the most defining was that like a new rabbi driving on a bad road.

So, what I want to say: visibility from the cabin reminded me very much of the Subaru Impreza and the latest generation Forester - visibility has become better, the racks have become a little narrower and lower in angle, i.e. what happens at 45 degrees from me I see much better, unlike my rough, where at 45 degrees I see a thick rack and do not see a pedestrian or a moving car. The feeling is also that the windshield has become larger.

Next, the representative of the dealer wanted to send me to the expressway, but I said no sorry and drove through the back streets with a broken road. Even when I was leaving the dealer’s parking lot, I noticed that the ship’s ability and similar rolls really decreased, at low speed it was as if I almost drove a sedan, when I drove moderately on a flat road and rebuilt, I also noticed a difference - the rolls really became less. but this may be because the suspension has not yet been developed - I don’t know.

When driving on a rough road, he noted that it goes through unevenness and is really softer, smoother somehow, but it’s not really a kapets what’s the difference. something reminded lexus ux 200, but it is not straight, a little worse. but with solid jambs of the road, there is still a little bit of rigidity, although why is it generally any unevenness on any car will be felt except for pneuma like on a Bentley, etc.

I couldn’t evaluate the sound insulation, since I ride on a friction clutch (Velcro) in the winter, there were spikes on the test, which ruined my whole impression of both the noise in general and the braking habits of the car, but again, you just need to drive a car on a friction clutch to understand the difference.

Also, the landing became a little more comfortable.


for myself, I concluded that it makes no sense to change the car at all, I think that I will sell my 25th anniversary for trade in when buying 30 annivarsary in 5 years.

TO 50 thousand km

Hello! TO 50 thousand km - changed the pump under warranty - found splashes of antifreeze on the inside of the hood. Plus, after a long drive and intense warming up of the engine, in connection with this, I began to constantly hear a characteristic crack. In view of this, including, the pump was changed, but the sound did not go away. I found an answer to the question about the nature of cod on the Internet - I don’t remember the details, but the bottom line is that Toyota does not consider this a guarantee, and indeed there is no breakdown at all - a feature of the engine.

50 - 55 thousand km, soft and delicate windshield

I have owned the car for three years and noticed that the windshield is very soft. small specks after the smallest stones remain with me forever.

In the period from 50-55 thousand km. I caught a few small chips, all grew into cracks, and the cracks were glued, drilled. already from the drilled places new cracks went in two directions, again you need to glue. as explained, the cracks on the edge of the glass are where the torsional load is very high. here is the result. already spat, I go until it interferes.

I don’t know if it will be visible in the photo, but the bottom line is that the vertical crack went from the drilled point where the horizontal crack was stopped. the horizontal one came from a very small chip, with which I traveled a little less than a year, then one day I was driving along a straight ideal road and heard a crack and a crack went right away.

A vertical crack from a drilled point generally went when the car stood still. left the salon and left - nothing happened. returned sat down - a crack appeared.

2019 Toyota RAV4 Review #8 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 4

Year of car purchase: 2019

Mileage: 6215 mi. (10000 km.)

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Wolga 2022-03-25 (12:30)

Divorce for money is drilling, if a normal repairman sees that a crack has gone from his drilling, he will say that I will no longer repair to no avail.

12006833 2022-03-24 (18:04)

2l. Manual transmission 146l.s. 2015 dorestyle, gasoline, comfort 4vd, bought new. An unpretentious car, the buzz from the fact that you don’t care about a car, roughly speaking, don’t worry about bumps, rails and curbs - you just drive straight and wherever you want. Consumables are cheap. Fuel consumption is 12-13 city, and on the highway 11 liters if you go 130-150, 8-9 liters is 80-90 on the 6th all the way. There is no noise here (everything rattles from the music, if the music is loud with the bass), the plastic is hard and noisy, the seats are not very comfortable, because there is no lumbar support. It is very cold in the back in winter - it pulls on the legs, the calves and the feet themselves freeze, after - 15 it starts like this, at minus 30 it is impossible to drive behind, passengers complain about the cold. The brakes are very weak, it’s good to have a manual transmission that can be helped and I changed the brake discs, I had no xenon headlights - I couldn’t see anything at all - I replaced the difference with Chinese lens xenon heaven and earth. The steering wheel began to rub quickly. I don’t know what kind of dynamics people write about in reviews of a 2l engine - the car practically doesn’t drive, and if you drive at 3-5 and with things, then it’s generally not possible to overtake someone on the highway, only if 1-2 and without luggage, then then barely possible. Lil used to be 98, now g95, he doesn’t go to 95 simple, but he never tried 92 at all. You have to turn all the time all the gears to the end practically, after 160 the car starts to swing and behaves inadequately on the road, you can only disperse 180 from its mountain. The weakest car in terms of dynamics that I have had in my life, but the most economical and not whimsical, it almost does not get cheaper. Lkp is terrible. The box is also saved - sometimes the clutch must be squeezed out 3 times in order to turn on 1 or the rear, downshift 2 does not turn on without re-gassing. I went snowboarding a lot, on trips to the lakes, yearned for trailers, drove furniture, garbage, building materials, things, tools, plumbing, TVs, carpets - the car is super practical, but it doesn’t give any driving pleasure, but I liked it much more than Camry 40, at least the steering wheel is not such a wadded reversing camera - good. Rear-view mirrors are large, you can see everything clearly. Appearance yes, sad, after replacing the headlights and wheels it got better. Sport mode (as they say in the book from the car) is that part of the moment is supplied to the rear axle already from the start (10-15%) and in the process of movement it gives more to the back than in normal mode - as a result, it looks more like a normal constant full drive, but still it’s not someone who drove, for example, a Subaru or a Mitsubishi, as well as jeeps with a normal drive, he knows what I’m talking about. Ravchik is a workhorse, so good, practical, cheap in service, high so that you don’t feel sorry for loading it, and you don’t feel sorry for the dacha, the base or the woods through the bushes. The cross-country ability is average, you can suddenly get stuck, in the summer it is better to ride on A / T tires, in the mud more or less, but the systems must only be turned off in advance and the blocking simulation turned on, and in winter it is better not to meddle in heavy snow. For the city and light countryside. In general, I am satisfied with the car, but it still needs to be completely rustled in a good way and the music should be set to normal, then it will be normal, but I'm not sure that the hands will reach.

Arturndskv 2022-03-07 (18:04)

hello) did not appear)

15329930 2022-02-25 (18:04)

Is the soot worth it?

11341860 2022-02-25 (18:04)

It is worth it while it is periodically cleaned (the smell of rotten eggs). What do you recommend? Mileage 20 thousand.

15329930 2022-02-25 (18:04)

I have 2013. 4th class of environmental friendliness. It's probably 4 euros. There is no soot. I read that they went to Europe with soot. They went to Russia without. But that was in 2013. Therefore, it is interesting to know how it behaves with the filter. Chipanul move. And removed the egr. The turbo lag almost disappeared and became noticeably more responsive, although it was good anyway.

15329930 2022-02-25 (18:04)

Mileage 148 m. So far, fine. All the same, not a big waste of oil, although it does not bother me. He took the same amount from new.

Artur-nedosekov 2022-02-19 (12:16)

Hello, I agreed with the dealer that on TO 40 they will go off scale to clean the chip from moisture and dirt, and then pierce the paint to match the body color, I bought it in a tube for myself, I always carry it with me, and they will reinstall the trunk lid itself. They said to call about repairs at least a month before maintenance, so that they could coordinate everything with Moscow

Artur-nedosekov 2022-02-19 (12:16)

I advise you to contact you, look at the contour of the cover, if it rubs somewhere on the body or fender due to the fact that it is uneven

Qw 2022-02-18 (12:16)

Hello 👋. What did you think about the trunk lid? What does the dealer say? Today I looked at myself, too, the gaps do not beat the paintwork does not gain, of course, but the gaps are really different. Also the gaps between the taillights are also different

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