2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7

2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2018 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2018
  • SUV
  • 4 generation restyling
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • CVT
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 1
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 2
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 3
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 4
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 5
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 6
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 7
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 8
  • 2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 9



Consumer Report

Hi all !

Finally got some free time, and as promised, I decided to post my next review. My previous review is here:

. Therefore, the review will be the same as last time: honest, with small elements of comparison of the same brand of car, but with different years of manufacture. There will be a lot of information, and the review of this car will be regularly updated every 10,000 km, and of course, all the pros and cons during operation. Well let's go


My choice TOYOTA RAV 4 2018 Why this particular brand? Read the previous review about TOYOTA RAV 4 2012. At one time, I wanted to purchase a LONG ravchega, whoever is in the subject knows that a short-wheelbase and extended version of LONG was produced at that time. But at that moment it didn't work out. There was an opportunity to change the car to a more recent one. I decided for myself that it would be RAF 2.5 automatic. While I was on a business trip, I was looking for interesting offers for myself and adding them to my favorites, so that later on arrival I would be busy selecting a car. I was looking for a one-year-old or a maximum of 2 for money in the amount of 1700-1800. And here the most interesting thing began, half of the cars immediately fell off, for the reason that just sad stories about cars came up with elementary programs with VIN punching. Somewhere attracted firms for the selection of cars with the departure of specialists for viewing. The result is that the cars in the favorites are over (meaning only this brand and brand) in the hands of money, but there are NO worthy cars. Well, since there are no options in the secondary market, I called the TOYOTA center and asked what was available and what interesting offers there were. I had to call a lot and to different cities in the vicinity, because. 2.5 was just not physically there. And about a miracle! EKB has one car at a price of 2050, I decided to load the remaining amount with a car loan at TOYOTA Bank. We discussed everything with the manager by phone, they previously estimated my old rafcheg at 800 without examination, taking into account the tradein, everything suited me. Specially warned that there was no extra. equipment (pure razvodnyak for grandmas, especially with such unrealistic prices). It was necessary to pick up the car on Tuesday, and on Sunday calls began with a puppy voice, that there had been an overlay, that the car had already come with additional equipment and blah blah blah. In general, the classic and banal scheme of squeezing you have "extra" funds, in their opinion. Half a day was spent on the fact that you are stupidly offered various options, but the outcome is the same, you will still lose the "extra" money, in what amount you choose. For me, it’s not about money, it’s about money, of course, too, but here it’s more a matter of principle. I just stupidly sent everyone, since they don’t know how to work with clients and don’t HEAR what you say to them and decided to take a car that will be right now in the cabin, in the nearest city from me. And so I became the owner of the new TOYOTA RAV 4 2018 2.0l, 4WD, CVT, COMFORT equipment at a price of 1935 at that time.

First impressions:

The car looked good, and you know how they prepare the car even without me. The first sensations were that there was somehow not a decent amount of space, most likely I had already involuntarily started comparisons with the old rough at that time, although this is understandable, yet the overall parameters have become different. Yes, and buying a new car is always on adrenaline and you are like wearing “rose-colored” glasses: you like everything, everything suits you, and only then during operation, something doesn’t suit you, but that’s all later. The ergonomics of the cabin immediately came to me, I was especially pleased with the backlight, it looks very good here and, most importantly, it does not put pressure on the eyes. At the old raf it was yellow, here it is blue. The steering wheel paddles went out from under the steering wheel, I won’t say it’s a plus or a minus, because I didn’t really use them, more often I just showed who asked questions, the SPORT button was enough for me. By the way, she moved to the center of the panel in the middle, lower part of the torpedo. This is a very FAT MINUS for me, as I thought at that time. Previously, I put my hand under the steering wheel, where you knew exactly where it was located and, without looking up from the road, with one touch "inspired" the car at the right moments, well, of course, as much as possible at 2.0l. Now I have to reach for her and at the same time take my eyes off. But it was once, when I tested the car in different modes. And here everything fell into place, it became clear why this button was removed from a convenient place. Yes, she simply DOES NOT NEED AT ALL. No, not for the reason I would like to, but because when it is pressed, NOTHING changes, although no, I’m lying, the engine sound changes, it gets louder and that’s where it all ends, well, that’s understandable, the engine, the variator remained the same same, but the mass of the car has changed. And the transfer of the button became logical, it makes sense to keep nearby what is not needed. The side windows and windshield seemed much larger and I was pleased with it, the visibility is good. The seats are comfortable, there is enough adjustment for different body types of people. It is also comfortable to sit on the rear seats, there is a supply of space from the knees to the front seats, which makes it more convenient and comfortable to sit on long journeys. Shumka became a little bit better compared to the previous raf, but still far from normal. In general, the machine seems to be more dynamic in the city, and my wife noticed this when she got behind the wheel. As they said in the cabin, the settings of the variator were finalized, it really began to work a little softer. It is convenient to put and remove the car from the signaling, the sensors are in the door handles, put your finger on the sensor to close and order, you don’t need to do anything at all to open, just put your hand in the area between the handle and the door. Me and my family really enjoyed it. The back door now has a button for opening and closing with an electric drive, so it’s a cool thing, especially in dirty weather, besides there is also a signaling button, but I don’t really use it because, as many complain, the closing of the 5th door is slow. I have nothing to compare here with, and I don’t stand and don’t wait, I clicked and went. The tires come with pressure sensors and the dashboard now displays a warning sign if the tire pressure is below normal. but the joke is that you won’t see which one, so you go out and look in the old fashioned way. The car became a little tougher, for some reason it reminded me of the boxer dog breed, so dense, knocked down. The old raf was softer. Holds a great road, rulitsya, too, everything is predictable. There are enough dynamics in the city, it turns sour on the highway after 100, no, of course it will go both 140 and 180, but there are no those notes of a “horse”, as far as the 2.0 liter engine allows. Comfortable speed 120-140. It is clear that everything has its price, if you want a drive, take a charged car for rides, where just for these horses you will pay tax from 30 and more per year, alas, these 30 are not superfluous for me. The radio tape recorder is a regular HAT, the sound is normal, the sensor is DEAD AT ALL. The climate works great, the cabin is very warm in winter, the glass does not tighten on the go. On the previous raf, I insulated the muzzle and the regulator was always turned to the maximum in winter, this is not here, it never rose above 23 degrees, there was simply no need. In addition, the climate is two-zone, each adjusts the temperature for itself. I really liked the heating of the entire windshield, I pressed the button, everything went away. It was even such that he removed pieces of ice from the windshield after a sharp change in the weather, the car stood as if in a water glaze. Here, in one review, I read that these thin heating filaments are straining, I paid attention to them only after I read this in the review, then I specially went, got into the car and sharpened my vision precisely on them. Nuuu, what can I say, DO NOT bother. Everyone has their own perception. The transformation of the rear seats remained the same 60:40, but the seats were added normally. The plastic is soft and easily scratched. Well, these are the initial sensations of the car, then we will go in more detail and detail.

first 10000

At the first 1000 km, an extraneous sound appeared under the hood, not metallic, and it was at the first start-up on a cold one. On "0" MOT reported this to the manager, after MOT everything was gone, as he later told me, the air filter was loosened. At 1400 km, the BRC company installed HBO with a 50-liter cylinder. I replaced the head unit, as always, ALIEXPRESS helped me, immediately filled in navigation and other software tricks. So now you can chat with ALICE at any time, and the voice interface is very convenient. And now it shows the tire pressure in EVERY wheel. The diagnostic module that was on the previous raf migrated to the new car without any problems and still connected to the car without any problems. Machine happy workhorse. I got used to the dimensions, now after a while I can say. that I like everything in the car, a comfortable interior, buttons are all at hand, you don’t have to reach anywhere, cool lighting, beautiful appearance and, most importantly, the smell of a new car, well, yes, I understand that this is not an indicator, it’s probably just more for me. The oil change went well. MOT on gas carried out himself. Initially, the consumption, mainly the urban cycle, was 15 liters, this is the figure that the computer shows, after 10,000 the engine rolled in and the consumption dropped to 13 liters. In cold weather, I appreciated the heating of the steering wheel, a very cool thing and it has a place to be on a car. I also liked the START-STOP button in terms of comfort and convenience. Raf has a large and comfortable cabin, a lot of space on the second row, say exactly those passengers who rode with me on the old raf. The car is very warm and warms up quickly. The trunk is really big, it's not a problem to take four wheels to a tire fitting without unfolding the backrest. With the backs unfolded, an even sleeping place for two is obtained. While everything is SUPER, everything suits and even more. Yes, and 10,000 is not an indicator, we move on.


I did not have time to look back, as the next 20,000 km already approached. "Crickets" have not been identified and I hope that it will continue to be the same. Regularly replaced consumables, both for gasoline and gas. I think it makes no sense to describe what is meant by the word consumables, those who deal with cars understand perfectly. The machine is still happy.

And so impressions after 20,000 km

Covers were bought for the seats (I bought them immediately, eco-leather, the same manufacturer as on the old raf, because they worked well, 5 years and remained like new, there were no scuffs and seams). In summer, in hot weather, nothing stuck and did not sweat. For the winter, fur capes migrated from the old raf. What I would like to note, many say that the seats are very oak and not comfortable, I won’t argue with everyone, the tactile sensations are different, and the fifth point, of course, I’m joking a little, but for me the seats are very comfortable and comfortable. When traveling long distances, nothing numbs and you get up quite calmly. Seat heating works very well. There are 2 min. and max. I don’t use it at all, it’s already warm and comfortable for me, my wife uses it very actively. The first position is quite enough, the second is used if you just need to quickly. And notice the fabric seats + covers + fur cape, and the fifth point "burns" from heating and it is not possible to use them all the time. I want to especially note the heating zone of the wipers, SUCH FUCKING Crap. No, the idea is not bad and it almost works, the algorithm is not clear. When there is heavy snowfall with constant movement, everything is fine, everything is blown, but as soon as it stops or when driving around the city, the wipers sweep everything away and it all sticks and is dragged into the wiper’s rest zone, of course everything freezes there and then you remember that there is a magic button which will turn on the heating. And you turn it on and now you are already watching how the janitor starts to move away and quietly rejoices that you don’t need to get out of the car and tap the wipers and relax, but as it turns out in vain, the fault is that this button is no longer on. I don’t know what it is set to, or a shutdown by time or by temperature or by resistance, it doesn’t matter, the result is that as soon as everything starts to move away, it cuts out and you have to constantly poke it. In the end, it just gets annoying and you stupidly get out of the car and remove the ice blocks with obscene words cutting everything and everything, including the designers of this model. Now, what I would like to say about the operation of the windshield heating, it works just fine with its task, it copes with a bang, but for myself it revealed one drawback, which is expressed in the fact that the heating filaments do not pass through the entire glass. The main and most of the glass is heated, but there is no edge, and thus all the snow and dirt is swept onto the edges of the glass, everything remains safely there and look what happens here and so the blind zone is large due to part of the door and the side pillar (where the windshield is attached ) and even before the heap there is dirt, snow further increasing this zone. So I try to clean it up. Good wear appeared on the front brake discs, on the old raf it was like this at 50,000 km, so either the metal became softer or the pads were too hard, for now BOSCH is standing later, when the time comes, I will replace it with kashiyma and see what and how. I used kashiyma on the old raf. The engine rolled in after 13000, consumption began to fall from 15-17l and now it constantly keeps 13l in the city, and it’s more fun to react to the pedal, but don’t expect miracles, this car is a comfortable workhorse for the family, the very thing, it’s comfortable both in the city and in long trips, I still like it more in the city, for the countryside I need 2.5 liters. LED light, low beam. The light is just super, of course there are cooler ones, but for this price category it’s the most, especially when compared with the previous raf. Thresholds closed with doors, a very convenient layout, allows you to keep your clothes clean when getting in and out of the car. Weak paintwork, here I did not notice any differences in the direction of improvements, both cars are in the same color, I even wanted to roll up parts of the car in armored film, but the price tag bites.


30000 km.

Here's another ten flew off. THAT went all right. The car is still happy. Consumption has ceased to change, constantly 13 liters, it does not go beyond, as soon as I go out onto the highway from the urban cycle, it goes down, the lowest figure was recorded at 9.9 liters. I don’t control the oil level, the mark is always from filling to filling. And the level has always been normal on all my cars of this brand. TOYOTA weaned, I won’t say that it’s good (I’m talking about what I stopped controlling), but personally I don’t worry. At 25000, a slight abrasion appeared on the steering wheel in one place, visually it does not stand out, it is felt only tactilely, I took a photo in order to show, but the photo does not convey what is felt by the hand. The reason is most likely in my habit of turning the steering wheel with one hand when turning, something like gazelists, when they use a special stray that is fixed on the steering wheel and they turn it stupidly. I don’t have this gadget, it’s just that the palm remains in one place on the steering wheel and at the same time rotation occurs. So I get this area of ​​increased friction. I can't change the habit, so I'll just watch what happens next. I am very pleased without key access, arming and disarming, I use the alarm remote control only when I want to get information on the car. Once again I want to note that the car is very warm, in the 12th year the temperature was turned to the maximum, right there I constantly have 22 C, and the fan position does not rise above the second division. The lower deflector in the bumper began to close for the winter, the reason is that there is a gas reducer there and it just blows stupidly, there is good heat removal and the car switches from gas to gasoline (temperature lock, below +40 the system does not allow switching to gas ). The suspension pleases, although it has become a little stiffer, but it works comfortably on bumps and small pits, even with a full passenger compartment. It still does not tolerate gravel driving, you can’t go more than 40 km / h, such a swotting into the steering wheel, it creates a complete feeling that you are working with a jackhammer, the same thing happened on the old rough. As for the track, in terms of handling I like the 18 year better, it keeps the road better, of course I'm not Schumacher and there is no extreme driving, ordinary daily rides. The brakes, in my opinion, have become a little worse, perhaps due to the mass of the car, but the braking distance has increased, it is more difficult in emergency braking, I’m already used to it and visually maintain the necessary distance. The brake pedal itself is very soft, and the brakes seem to be tenacious, good, especially at the beginning, but then even if you change the degree of pressing the pedal, it just comes to working out the ABS. The steering has become lighter. On snowy turns or in the summer, after rain, you need to choose the right speed mode, the car tends to leave its lane with an exit into the oncoming lane. Of course, there is a lot of factor in the speed limit, road condition, rubber condition, body type, etc., but when there was an opportunity (free road, I'm alone in the cabin), I allowed an easy experiment for the sake of a simple comparison and the rough of 12 years behaved better, perhaps from a short base. The gas pedal is adequate (meaning the reaction of the car to pressing) there are no failures, I did not notice any difference in thoughtfulness. I once read in a review that TOYOTA is a boring car that doesn’t break down, I won’t dispute everyone’s opinion, but doesn’t any car user want this? For me personally, this is an INDICATOR, when your head doesn’t hurt whether the car starts or not, whether I get to the place without a breakdown, there are enough firefights in life, so why not get rid of at least these.

40,000 km

Hi all ! Here's another ten flew off. I use the car constantly and very intensively, the main ride is the city. Feelings are still POSITIVE. The machine endured this winter well, since it now has a warm garage, and I, as a user, would like to note the appearance of additional comfort - this is the refusal to warm up the car and drive a warm, not oak car. Yes, of course I understand that there is a lot of controversy on this topic, that the type of car rots faster (we are talking about the body), etc., but for me comfort is more important, I moved from a warm house to a warm garage, calmly got into the car, pressed the button from the gate and calmly went in a good mood, with good music and most importantly in a warm car. There are no these dances with a tambourine when the car did not start from the key fob or due to a dead battery or some other reason, but what can I say, I'm sure that every car owner has had similar situations and no matter what brand. Ask why I speak with such confidence? So this is life, personal experience and, of course, living in an ordinary apartment building, where ALL the cars in your yard are perfectly visible from the window and you can watch how different brands of cars and their owners behave. Now spring has begun, a lot of dirt, the car grows faster and you go to the car wash more often, but with the advent of warm sunlight, I wanted to wash the car myself. And on one of these beautiful days, I set about my plan, the following was revealed:

1. The paintwork on an 18 year old car is just TERRIBLE, a bunch of small chips on the hood, fenders, doors, and this is only an urban cycle, where there are no highway speeds and this car has not yet been on the seas (we are talking about long trips along dead roads, who rode the seas in the subject) and mileage of 40,000 km. Raf 12 years old with a mileage of 90,000 km and visited the seas 2 times had much less chips. By the depth of the chip, I can also say that the paint on the old rough was applied in a thicker layer. Both cars are in the same color and of course the quality of the paintwork is superior for 12 years. So if you plan to buy a car for a long time, then you need to sew some of the parts into armored film, which is oh, how not cheap. thresholds front doors 45 rubles, at prices of 18 years, now the numbers may change)

2. The engine compartment in a 18-year-old car is larger, I also noticed this in the cabin when I examined the car. The engine seemed so small, as if like a small car (a visual difference in relation to 12 years old) and as a result, the engine compartment gets dirty much faster and more (dirt means road), although there are all sorts of plastic elements aimed just for protection, but nevertheless, the fact remains. So a trip to the engine wash is just around the corner. (photo will be attached). The attached photos clearly show the level of pollution, and in some places, like in a sandbox, take a shovel at the right time and you can play, the car seemed to have been on OFF ROAD and these are just city rides.

I want to note that the car has become softer, there is no that initial rigidity. With the advent of heat, the warm-ups went away, the consumption dropped to 12.8 liters. Toyota has a big MOT every 40,000 km, so I had the same MOT, the regulations make no sense to describe what exactly is included there, who are interested can simply GOOGLE. In general, everything went well, an additional number light bulb was replaced. Something else upset me, as I said earlier, I revealed a large amount of wear on the brake discs, I did not specifically voice this to the manager so as not to emphasize. And as it turned out, he was right, 1 mm remained until the critical figure at which the disks are being replaced. It's just a scribe, only 40 runs, and the disks are for replacement. At this rate, brake discs will soon also be referred to simply as CONSUMABLES. The most interesting thing is that the driving style has not changed, the conclusion is just right. Fucking marketers with their calculations. Yes, of course, in the pursuit of profit, it’s not profitable to deal with quality for a long time, each new car is getting worse and worse, and this applies not only to the Toyota brand, there are many friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and everyone involuntarily notices these changes are not for the better with regards to cars. It wouldn’t be particularly upsetting if it were possible to change a car every 3 years and the cost would be more adequate, then it wouldn’t bother me at all, especially since cars are subject to all sorts of restyling and an updated car may seem more interesting. I replaced the front brake pads with NIBK (as recommended), let's see what they are and in the next review I will write separately on them, so to speak, personal experience of use. As for gas, everything is still stable, since the moment of installation I have not called in anymore, I spend it myself every 10,000 km and dated it to the usual car maintenance. One photo of the windshield, with regards to the dead zone, where the janitor does not reach and which was mentioned earlier. That's all for now, see you in the next 10,000 km.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 10
2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 11
2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 12
2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 13
2018 Toyota RAV4 Review #7 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, CVT | Consumer Report, photo 14

50000 km.

Warm regards to all car owners and readers. So another reason has come for us to meet again on this page, which means that the next 10,000 km have been successfully completed and I will briefly go over what and how. In general, everything is wonderful, the car still continues to please, every day it performs all the tasks assigned to it without any surprises. Consumption fell by another liter and now stands at 11.8 liters (I remind you that these are figures only from the dashboard and the main driving on gas) under all the same operating conditions. The absence of extraneous noise, "crickets" also cannot but rejoice. Passed another home MOT (oil change, filters) without officials, their pricing is not very clear. He also carried out MOT on gas, did not reveal any deviations, and this is wonderful. I liked the previously replaced NIBK brake pads, not only because of the glamorous purple color, they quickly got used, the brakes are good, as for the wear of the brake disc, this will show the measurement, has not yet been done. Since this year the winter was not snowy in our country, and in the city they are trying to clean it up on time, I ran into such a problem as the almost complete absence of spikes on winter tires and all the ensuing consequences in terms of grip with the roadway. The price tag for new slopes did not inspire, and the inspection showed that it was too early to change tires, the tread is clear, wear is minimal. It was decided to use repair spikes, especially since I do not have this experience. I looked at YouTube what and how, the sea of ​​information, our people are very versatile, they chose a method for themselves, ordered spikes. With the first wheel, I missed a little (I did not measure the landing hole of the old spike correctly and, as a result, the wrong size was purchased), and my hand was not yet stuffed. So the first pancake, as they say lumpy. After taking into account all the errors, the remaining 3 wheels studded like clockwork. I want to note that the native spikes were flimsy and stupidly broke in the middle (the skirt of the spike remained in rubber, the tooth flew off). Why thinning in the center is not clear, only one thing is clear that this thinning just does not hold the load. In contrast to the repair spike, which is several times stronger and thicker than the native one. In general, the result is the following places, where native spikes remained, empty holes with halves of the spike remained, and the repair EVERYTHING remained in place. So I say YES to repair studs, and this experience and practice will allow you to use winter tires longer without replacing them in the absence of studs. On our roads, no matter how sad it is to realize this, there are a bunch of reckless scumbags who don’t give a damn about the rules of the road, the owners of cars surrounding them in the stream, and indeed everyone, some such “SHUMAFFERS” who have defined themselves above all this. So I had to meet with this, tsepanul me left mirror. At the same time, the driver realized that he had caught, stopped, and then drowned. Of course, I didn’t arrange races, for this there is a phone number 02, they arrived, they arranged everything, they found a duck (video recorder to help). My mirror element was damaged, it just fell out from a sharp blow to the mirror and crashed on the asphalt. The insurance company calculated 16 rubles, I ordered a mirror element for 1800, although I remained in the black, but the sediment remained.

60 000

Hi all!

Here is another 10 left behind. Spring is in full swing on the street and this cannot but rejoice. Again, the consumption was pleasantly pleased, the readings dropped to 10.1 and so far remain at this value. Here, for the sake of interest, I decided to move away from these numerical indicators and check the flow rate using the old-fashioned method of filling the tank and how long it will last (in my case, this is a gas cylinder). First, I refueled 40 liters at one gas station, 336 km was enough, then I drove to another gas station and refueled 40 liters in the same way, enough for 350 km, I rode both cylinders to the cutoff (weather conditions and driving style were almost the same). I took the average value (340) as a result, it turned out 8.5 liters. Decorative plastic lining on the doors could not withstand the transportation of bulky cargo in the cabin, there were scuffs, scratches, well, what to do, this is not a display case, but a workhorse. MOT passed normally, the only thing I had to temporarily abandon my native TOYOTA oil (sanctions) was not ready to give 8 rubles for oil. I also filled in the Japanese IDEMITSU ZEPRO TOURING PRO 0W-30 (4590R), assured that this oil is a little better than TOYOTA, and the reviews seem to be good, in general, we’ll take a ride, we’ll see (everything cost 6030r). Just passed MOT on gas. There was a nuisance in the oncoming lane, the driver knocked down a dog at a good speed, which, like a directed torpedo, flew in my direction, there was no way to turn it off (4 lanes) and my car was in the center, the only thing that managed to slow down a little speed. The left front wheel took all the main blow. Damage: the bumper cracked, in the foglight area, the foglight fell out (the plastic fasteners burst), the bumper skirt burst, the fender liner blew out, the plastic partitions of the bumper grille burst in places, the decorative trim in the foglight area shattered, the washer barrel burst, the cast disk cannot be restored. Repair cost 26r, soldering took 10r, bumper painting. Somehow I found a disk, tk. collections are changing and old ones are hard to find, found in ECB (6p). But the "adventures" did not end there, the ABS cable passes under the fender liner, and since there is no fender liner, it is not protected, and I saw it, checked it, the clip held it and it did not reach the wheel, but it can be seen that the bumps on the road did their job ( the clip fell out) and the cable began to rub against the wheel and as a result 4WD fell off, an error, the ABS sensor failed. Put China, let's see how it behaves (2p). On one of the finest days I was sitting in a car, waiting for a child, the car was idling, and then bam a message that 4WD fell off, the car switched to 2 WD and asked to be taken to the dealer. The first thought is fucking China and simply thrown out 2p to the wind. I came to the diagnostics, carried out, called the error code, which indicates an extremely poor mixture. Here there is a pause and misunderstanding, what does the fuel mixture have to do with it, if the problem is in the drive, I don’t seem to look like a blonde to soar so brazenly. I was not given a reasonable explanation, but the problem remains open and needs to be addressed. The following was said: - Every year the cars are becoming more technically equipped and since I got information about a lean mixture, which means a loss of power, then the electronics, in order not to force them, chose a more reasonable 2WD option for this situation. Well, there is a reasonable grain in this, especially when no one can offer other explanations. It was decided, after resetting the error, to ride for a day only on gasoline without using gas, if there is no repetition, then the next step, gas workers. Day skated safely, and if so, then went to the gas workers. He arrived, told the essence of the problem, with difficulty restrained smiles and asked me the same question: - And where does the fuel system, if the problem is with the drive. With great skepticism, but they started work, checked the candles, replaced all the filters, and when they connected the diagnostic computer, interest and thoughtfulness appeared in their faces, they held a consultation and issued a conclusion. For some reason, my gas fuel card was completely reset, as if the gas equipment had just been installed and I need to completely reconfigure it. This happens on very old cars, when there are no densities and leaks, but in my case the car is new. In general, they did not find an exact answer, they reconfigured it. Leaving, he asked so for the sake of fun: - So, is there a relationship between the fuel system and the drive system? Answer: - It turns out that there is. The most interesting thing is that when everything happened in the engine, nothing changed at all and in terms of driving performance too, the engine worked steadily, there was no power loss. While the flight is normal, the car is super, everyone likes it. For today, we will write everything down to 70,000 km.

Year of car purchase: 2018

Mileage: 22374 mi. (36000 km.)

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 24 miles per gallon (US)
  • 28 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 10.0 l/100km

Fuel consumption in the city:

  • 18 miles per gallon (US)
  • 22 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 13.0 l/100km

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16004538 2022-04-04 (12:30)

In the summer of 2019, I took the same rough, only the mother-of-pearl color in Magnitogorsk for 1,640 rubles, although we were asked for 2,050 in Orsk. In March 2021, with a surcharge of 100 rubles, I changed it to the 5th body with a 2l engine. Comparing sensations from new and old, heaven and earth. Now the 4th body seems like a tractor

15749610 2022-04-04 (12:30)

Tell me how you adjust the valves, on 2 liters, Toyota engines do not seem to have hydraulic lifters, or I'm wrong

Fotograf2015 2022-04-04 (12:30)

You drive it to the service station and an experienced locksmith will adjust it.

Koresh 2021-03-22 (12:30)

LPK-lacquer coating paint!

16243497 2021-03-16 (12:30)

Take off that chrome, friend. bad taste

14918050 2021-03-04 (12:30)

In the alarm settings with warming up, you turn on incognito mode and when the car is running, only instruments and climate control light up. I have so on s96.

Roman 2021-02-17 (12:30)

Good afternoon. I do not have a module, I replaced the head unit and it already has this function. As for a separate module, they are on aliexpress, there are a lot of options with displays and separately in the form of a button, so you choose.

18169303 2021-02-16 (12:30)

Good afternoon! It is possible for more details about the tire pressure in each wheel. What kind of module and can it be connected to a regular head unit?

55_rus_55omsk 2021-02-14 (12:30)

At the expense of autorun and light, you have something set up wrong, I don’t have DRLs at startup, no lights do not shine!

Roman 2021-02-12 (12:30)

It's all lyrics. 1. The car warms up quickly and the fact that it eats up gasoline is a trifle, then the transition to gas went saving. 2. The guarantee does not soar at all for me personally and for acquaintances who have and had new Toyotas for 5-6 years, no one applied for warranty cases. 3. I registered only one car, did everything according to my mind. It was not useful at all, there were no fines, nothing at all, what is the point of registration? Just because it's right? 4. All engines love speed (gasoline of course), I agree that a small part of the power is lost on gas, so I don’t have a racing car, but a workhorse. If you want not to lose power on gas and save even more, put a variator for LPG (advancing the ignition angle) now there are many manufacturers on the market. I'm not imposing on anyone, but just stating my personal experience, and then everyone decides for himself whether he needs it or not.

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