2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #216

2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #216 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2017 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2017
  • SUV
  • 4 generation restyling
  • Petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #216 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2.5 l., 180 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1



Consumer Report

Good evening Dear readers of this resource! First of all, Happy New Year everyone! All financial success, family well-being, career growth, etc.!

I’ll start the review, or rather, for now, the first impression, about the domestic-made Toyota RAV 4 in the Stile configuration, with a 2.5-liter engine, respectively, automatic, without special special stages, manufactured in 2017!

This car was purchased with my help for a retired father!

Features of the configuration and price can be specified on the Internet on the official website!

And so, on December 20, 2017, after a hard sale for unwanted money, my father’s previous car, and it was a Skoda Octavia in the back of a7 2014 onwards. with a 1.4 engine, a dsg box, which at the time of sale had a mileage of 53 thousand km, and had many warranty claims, the choice of his next car arose. Auto was chosen without much torment, with the expectation of a certain amount and this brand. Other options were not considered at all! Korea and other similar options did not suit him! To the question, maybe sportege, he, i.e. father answered in the negative, although the price was noticeably different, definitely not less options. The quality of the new body was unknown to us. Most likely, it was based on my opinion about the previous Kia of the specified model, which was bought by me in early 2013 at a car dealership, and a few months later it was sold without regret with a mileage of 7,000 km, without having time to register. Reasons: the knock of the right pillar, not covered by warranty, poor plastic, especially the dashboard on the right, which cannot be touched, simultaneous failure of the automatic transmission backlight, reversing lamps, parking sensors! Other brands and models, on my advice in the second place, and comparative video tests in the first place, also disappeared, or rather were not considered, as I wrote above.

Let's go back to Rafik. At the time of the order in Voronezh, of course, this configuration was not there, this is not Moscow. We resigned ourselves to the delivery for the next year, which I hope will be happy for our citizens. But here, apparently responding to our prayers, the car dealership said that the delivery WILL BE, namely, on December 29, 2017, you can pick it up. Naturally, we agreed, because. next year it is not known what prices will bring. On the same day, a preliminary contract was signed. I repeat, milking Toyota for special stages is not a thankful task. Due to the popularity of the brand, especially on the secondary market, there will be no discounts, unless, of course, it is decided through acquaintances and similar people.

On 12/26/2017, a call was received from the dealer, they say the car arrives on 12/27/2017, and 28 after installing additional dops, you can pick it up. By 12/28/2017 5 pm we are in place. As usual, checking the car, paying, signing documents, the first photo, and on the road. There is only one photo so far, because there is not enough space in the pick-up area, it is not convenient to take pictures, and it took a lot of time to inspect the car for damage, which, fortunately, was not found.

The road from the salon to the house was about 15-17 km. By the way, the mileage upon purchase was 4 km., They said that the car was from the factory and not from a warehouse in the capital. Feel? The car is not bad, there are no squeaks, crunches and other extraneous defects. On the drive naturally did not check. Running in! What I noticed, the steering wheel has become heavier! The effect of this is not yet clear. The steering wheel itself, as before, and I owned a 2003 LX470, a 2015 Camry, this is from this brand, and could not stand up straight. The steering wheel is not a curve, but it feels like the camber is not adjusted correctly, and the center could not be caught. On the way to the house there were no special irregularities, but I managed to notice that the rear suspension is softer. R-18 wheels. The motor and gearbox have long been known to everyone.

Separately, we can say about the front optics, the rear is not interested, because. more aesthetic than useful. Near-far diodes. The whole way to the house was illuminated, and it was impossible to understand the benefits of Toyota's light. But there was a feeling that it was rather weak, but in comparison with the Mercedes that I currently use (E200 2017 from the showroom of the shopping center. The equipment is maximum.) We will draw some specific conclusions as the mileage increases, but it's too early! Accordingly, the review will be supplemented, and I will ask some, especially gifted Russians, not to speak out, given that I will rarely drive! I will also say that I am a lover of Toyota, because. no other car in a few years, it is impossible to sell more than it cost in the cabin! Although the price is now clearly too high!

Once again, Happy New Year everyone!

P.s. I ask you not to judge strictly for spelling and morphology, perhaps it was repeated somewhere, because I wrote the first review, and I don’t see the full text from the phone. Thank you all for your attention!

Year of car purchase: 2017

Mileage: 0 mi. (twenty km.)

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Fotograf2015 2022-04-01 (05:42)

And where are you going to crossover in Moscow?

Serega4610 2022-04-01 (05:42)

A normal car, I took prestige 2.5 in May, now the mileage is 23,000, I'm not complaining. There were Honda Integra, Nissan Laurel, Nissan Cedric, Suzuki Escudo - Vitara, VAZ - 2105 🍆, Toyota VitzYaris, Toyota Crown Precio, Honda Civic and Nissan x Trail. Toyota is Toyota, of course the difference between the RIGHT Steering wheel is strong from the left one, but still. Honda is not bad, but expensive to maintain, although worth the money for MOT. Nissan, as they say in the Far East: "I bought a Nissan, eat with it myself." 2 mule is certainly a lot for this class, but now only the UAZ Patriot is cheaper. Author! I think we have not lost. And by the way, the leather-like interior trim is not entirely bad, and by 20,000 the hodovka becomes much softer. It is sad, of course, that in the Prestige Package, the driver's seat is a multi-level electric drive with 2 positions in memory, and the front passenger seat is on the lever, well, let it be frustrating.

Serega4610 2022-04-01 (05:42)

After reading the forum, I concluded that the clearance is measured at the smallest point, for RAV-4 2.5 this is the bend of the exhaust pipe. In Karelia, the roads are not so hot and there is a place to check the properties of the Auto, you obviously let this bend along the track and the question is settled, but at the same time, where did you previously go on the x-trail 2.5 volume of 2008. and belly, protection, or thresholds struck on boulders, Toyota passes the rules. Whoever says Base is shorter in Toyota, I bet that this is not the reason, because he stood in the same position on the same road and on the Nissan the stone rested with a creak, on the Toyota it passed clearly.

Ozbey-aliev 2022-04-01 (05:42)

Just don't start like a battle or get offended :D I have Octavia A7 (2015), 1.4 DSG. I bought a new one, the mileage at the moment is 80 thousand. There have never been any problems, I only change oil and consumables of course. Of course I want to leave a review on drom, but I can't overcome laziness :D

Al-bert 2022-04-01 (05:42)

Who came up with this shape of the headrest on the RAV 4? Sat down and hit the back of the head. I tried to bend back, and the manager said that he was not regulated. Sitting on a long journey with your chin pressed to your chest, or touching the headrest only with the upper part of the back of your head, or, most likely, your head does not touch the headrest at all - which will happen with a stiff neck after 300 - 500 km. The manager suggested lowering the seat back, but this did not fundamentally solve the problem, and driving lying down does not contribute to visibility or concentration. Then I did not even consider this car as an option for myself.

Igor 2022-03-31 (05:42)

I will also say that I am a lover of Toyota, because. no other car in a few years, it is impossible to sell more than it cost in the cabin! As I understand it, if the car is not successful or ***** o but Tayota, then buy everything exactly, without even considering competitors. ! It is foolish to buy a car with such a conviction.

Aleksey-chebekov 2022-03-31 (05:42)

Decent device)

Nornik 2022-03-31 (05:42)

Oh, RAF 4 techno of the 21st century has never seen a better car, hmm ...

Aleksey 2022-03-31 (05:42)

It seems to me that the topic of reviews on the drome has either outlived itself, or it is necessary to make a new section, such as "Novye")) Half of the reviews are just a description of the buying process and do not represent anything interesting. Previously, I often went to this section and there were interesting texts. Now only solaris and other evil spirits)

10878118 2022-03-31 (05:42)

I agree with Alexei, I want to know something about the brand of car you are interested in, but not as about the torment and mental anguish, before buying, of the future owner of the car.

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