2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #10

2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #10 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2017 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2017
  • SUV
  • 4 generation restyling
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Mechanical
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #10 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 1



Consumer Report

Greetings to all caring motorists, "toyotophiles" or those who choose which car to buy.

Himself, probably, one of those who like the products of the brand "Toyota". First of all, I associate this brand with reliability. Yes, the quality has dropped recently (thanks to the Russian assembly), but other manufacturers are no better, and if they are better, they are in a different price range.

So, what we have: Toyota Rav4 2017, bought new in a car dealership. Color - silver, 2.0 l, manual transmission (purposefully). Complete set "Comfort". At the moment, the mileage is almost 10,000 km. I will be brief, I will write down the pros and cons, and you yourself decide whether I am right or wrong. After all, the general opinion about the car is made up of little things. Getting started:

Pros (or what you like):

* Appearance, I especially like the "muzzle" and profile.

* profitability, in the urban mode of Surgut, 12-12.5 liters are obtained. in medium mode, on the highway somewhere around 7.5-8.5 liters. at a speed of 90-110 km per hour

* soundproofing, internal combustion engine is almost inaudible, as they say "rumbles"

* RAV4 finally began to steer interestingly (along with the Camry). Before that, the steering wheel was boring or something

* handles on the inside of the doors like on Toyota Allion (!!!), solid and nice to hold on to them

* good equipment in this configuration (electric trunk, reversing camera, electric folding mirrors, roof rails, climate control, electric windshield heating, electric steering wheel heating, headlight washer, fog lights, heated front seats)

* excellent head light

*clearance is undoubtedly a "plus", I have never ridden SUVs and now I understand why they are so loved in Russia

* four-wheel drive, ideal for small off-road

* a huge interior, and when you unfold the rear seats, you get a flat area together with the luggage compartment

* good music (monitor, speakers, USB port), sometimes very bassy. This package does not include a CD player.

*auto light (!!!), convenient option

* Windshield wipers (for summer)

* Confidently keeps the speed of 140-160 km per hour, without straining I will say so. Largely due to 6th gear, at a speed of 130-140 km per hour on a tachometer of 3000 rpm (correct, I haven’t driven at that speed for a long time)

* leg lighting

Cons of this car:

*exterior. What did they do with the panel? Where was the designer looking? Would it be possible to make a panel in the style of the Nissan X-trail?

*poor paint finish. No, I didn’t catch any chips in a year, but moving along country roads in the summer I touched raspberry branches (thorns), after which small scratches remain on the body. Polishes save

* Manual transmission. In the city "d * ochilovo". Short 1 gear

* light doors, you have to kiss and slam to close. Maybe save on Shumkov doors? In general, the doors are weightless

*dashboard is boring, no "action"

* the 5th door (electric trunk) opens for a long time, I have time to smoke a cigarette for a "third"

* headlights in winter are covered with patterns from the inside

*build quality (Peter, hello!)

Overall, I give this car a 6 out of 10.

So for a year I did not feel love for him.

There are YOUR cars and NOT YOURS. Maybe it's just not mine.

Does he drive? Yes, he is driving. No more. There is little soul in it.

Some will like it, some won't. We remember about "different felt-tip pens".

I post only one photo, after all, everyone knows approximately how RAV4 looks like in 2017, doesn’t it?

If there are questions - ask. I'll try to answer. All the best!

Recreation Active Vehicle (or simply RAV4)

I would like to add to my review.

As for all-wheel drive, the car has not seen much off-road, but with the onset of spring, all-wheel drive helps out in yards with snow porridge. In winter, when you start driving on ice, there is not the slightest hint of slipping (I leave the traffic light faster than front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive cars - I'm showing off!). In the summer it rows merrily on the sand, but if you overdrive a little, you immediately smell the "scorched clutch". Whatever drive it is, it works.

There is a headlight washer function. Completely useless feature. Firstly, it consumes a lot of fluid, and secondly, it only smears dirt on the headlights. If you need the headlights to be clean - take a cloth, glass cleaner and go manually wipe the headlights. The headlight washer works every 5th spray of washer on the windshield. I did not become wiser, but simply took out the headlight washer fuse (the function is disabled).

When the hood is closed, the characteristic sound of a tin can is heard ("Volga 3110"), as well as on the X-trail. I assume that the reason is insufficient soundproofing of the hood.

The windshield is pierced with a mesh - this is a heated windshield. At first, on a test drive, I thought how people drive with this mesh. Now I don't even notice it. In fact, a convenient function, in 20 degree frost, ice and snow come off the glass in 5-7 minutes.

The sound of the radio suits. 6 columns. Sometimes a lot of bass. We mainly use the USB port. In my complete set "Comfort" there is no CD player. At first I was surprised. Then the manager of the salon assured that soon CD-players would "sink into oblivion".

From the factory there is Yokahama rubber (made in Japan) of the 17th radius with a tire pressure sensor.

A jack and a spare wheel are hidden under the floor in the trunk. There is a tailgate and mesh. If you do not use them, then you can hide them under the trunk floor.

The car is big for me, I use a reverse camera in the parking lot. A very convenient option and I think that manufacturers should equip all cars with these devices (after all, safety is above all!)

Replacing the front pads, engine oil, filters, cleaning the throttle (DZ)

Hello, DROMovchane)

At the moment, dashed off on RAVchik 37,000 km. So what's new:

1. Oil change in the spring, we buy the original oil in the TOYOYA 0w20 ICE, if I'm not mistaken, then there is a 5-liter canister. MANN oil filter, Masuma air filter, Zekkert cabin filter.

2. There is a feature on this machine - the front pads are quickly erased, literally by 30 t.km. We examined our front pads, there was about 2-3 mm of friction material left. We urgently order ADVICS pads from EMEX, which come in the original (you can make sure that the brake system is ADVICS by the inscription-stamping on the calipers). Nothing new to replace. I do everything myself in the garage. The guides are not sour. Brake discs are crystal clear with no scratches or anything.

3. Here the father declares that the idle speed hangs at about 1200-1000 and slowly slides down to the prescribed 800, provided that when you drive, you stop at a traffic light. The first thing that comes to mind is to clean the throttle body. I'm going to the garage: tools, carbliner, rags, basins. It takes 10 minutes to remove and a dirty remote control in your hands (I attach photos). There is nothing on the filter side, but on the ICE side there is a layer of fuel oil, soot. I clean the remote sensing, the mesh after the remote sensing. Next is the most interesting - the Great Garbage The Internet is replete with horrors about the problem of adapting remote sensing after cleaning. When removing this part, I reset the "-" terminal from the battery. When installing back and starting the internal combustion engine, the revolutions were kept for 1700 minutes so 15. I turned off the car again, removed the terminals and "+" and "-" for 5 minutes. I threw the terminal again, started the ignition for 30 seconds, waited and started the engine again. Turnovers began to keep at 1200. This is Toyota, what is there to adapt to!?)) I went home. When switching from gear to neutral, the revolutions themselves jumped up to 3000. And so it was for about 5 minutes. After that everything returned to normal. Now stably holds 700-800 laid.

Next, I will write the names of the parts, in case someone needs them.

Engine oil TOYOTA 0w20 5 l. 3800 rub.

Front pads Advics SN135 3648 rub.

Oil filter MANN W683 357 rub.

Air filter Masuma MFA1136 303 rub.

Cabin filter Zekkert IF-3024 196 rub.

2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #10 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 2
2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #10 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 3
2017 Toyota RAV4 Review #10 - SUV, 4 generation restyling, petrol engine, 2 l., 146 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 4

Furnace/air conditioner fan failure

Hi all. There is nothing special to write, but in the winter, due to the long idle time of the car (about a month), during the next trip it turned out that the stove fan did not turn on. even after warming up the cabin for 30 minutes, the fan did not work. We did not believe in the failure of the fan, especially with such a low mileage. What was done: the blower was turned on at minimum speed, the glove compartment was removed, the cap of the air filter housing was removed, he reached out to the propeller and moved it from side to side with his hand. And... The fan started working. It is possible that condensation appeared on the bearings, turned into ice at temperatures of -20, -30 degrees and did not allow it to work as expected. So it goes...

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Koresh 2022-03-22 (12:30)

I am just the same pensioner who passionately loves his Motherland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, I have been driving an automatic for twenty years and I don’t need anything other than automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. I think the RAV-4 IV 2.5 automatic transmission is a great car.

Dmitriy 2022-03-08 (12:30)

Maybe. But there is a category of aged people (pensioners), people of the Soviet temper who are doubtful about automatic transmissions, CVTs, robots and do not recognize anything other than a manual gearbox)

Dmitriy 2022-03-08 (12:30)

After 2 years, I can say that there is sound insulation, at idle the running engine is almost inaudible, and in the summer on the go I have no complaints about sound insulation. Another thing in winter on spikes, when you drive on asphalt, an unpleasant hum arises (namely, hum). My opinion is subjective.

Dmitriy 2022-03-08 (12:30)

) I also think that there are people who fundamentally choose "mechanics".

Andrey 2022-02-13 (23:53)

very well

Andrey 2022-02-11 (23:53)

And in more detail, you can, otherwise their insurance seemed very expensive and then. How would you refuse at all?

Dmitriy 2021-11-07 (23:53)

You take a magnifying glass and look closely. For you, my friend, I raised the price lists of 2017

Savamyr 2021-11-06 (23:53)

Vova, what did the Tiguan do wrong to you? It's necessary not to love the Tiguan so much. Share. Maybe the traffic cops took away your rights, which were on the Tiguan? Or did a Tiguan run over you at a crosswalk and you switched to green? Or the guy on the Tiguan took your beloved away from you? There must be some reason? Well, it's kind of paranoid. I agree, now the quality of almost all cars are the same. And you really have some kind of complex, at the mention of Tiguan. Or is it an old, unfulfilled dream, admit it?

Savamyr 2021-11-06 (23:53)

You are a strange (to put it mildly) Vova individual, no one here said a word about Tiguan before you, but you were the first to start blaming Tiguan here (although you Vova only saw him from afar), and that people after your fouling Tiguan should not have been to you object and not stand up for the Tiguan? Do you have only two types of opinions - is yours correct, and if they say something against you, is it wrong? That is, you are allowed to find fault with the Tiguan, and in response you can’t even object to you? Then re-read the correspondence, that's how it all began, whose words are these? "Scrambled brain, no more than a broken Tiguan." “Let your neighbor better buy a Tiguan, he would grab it in grief. I have a friend, too, all the time looking for a car with a soul. Found. I bought a Tiguan 2.0 in the previous body. Cursed everything. So much money invested in it, God forbid. After the sale week rejoiced. And now he is not looking with a soul, but is looking for a reliable, practical car.”

Andrey 2021-10-26 (23:53)

Complete set comfort where electric luggage? Climate control from where. I also have comfort and manual transmission is the simplest

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