2014 Toyota RAV4 Review #338

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 2014 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2014
  • SUV
  • Petrol engine, 2.5 l., 2180 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left

Consumer Report

I bought a month ago, before that there was a RAV4 body of 2010, also from the salon. Purchase: Toyota Center, Khabarovsk, everything is in good shape, ordered a car of a specific color and configuration + additional equipment, by phone they threw off the contract, prepaid 10% by bank transfer, a month later they called - they said the car was coming - come pick it up, you can I had to pay in cash or take a loan through Toyota Bank, but after reading the reviews about it I decided not to contact, I transferred the money again by bank transfer, they sent me an invoice for payment and I immediately made a TCP by e-mail at home and arrived at the appointed time. The car was ready, it was waiting for me, everything was done in less than an hour, and I went to change tires for winter. What are the disadvantages and what you need to pay attention to: When choosing a car, employees of the Toyota Center should offer a test drive, but they may not do this, just as when choosing additional equipment, you need to pull everything out of them yourself, they don’t particularly describe what is available. Although they may have been overwhelmed with work before the new year.

There is already a good review for this model, so I want to add my impressions. Noise isolation still leaves much to be desired, although it is made better than in the previous model, but it can be better, unfortunately it turned out only when driving on the track on studded tires. As it turned out later, it was possible to order additional soundproofing, it costs about 20 thousand along with the work, but you need to wait 3 weeks for the components, since it was not ordered right away, I had to postpone it because it makes no sense to go to Khabarovsk for the sake of this again, I’ll wait until the next scheduled THEN. The RAV4 has a very large selection of additional equipment (sills, bumper protection, floor mats, etc.), so when buying a car, I immediately ordered everything I wanted from special stages, the problem is that you need to wait for what they don’t have for 3 weeks, but considering that the car needs to be driven in a month for the first MOT where everything was installed, the thresholds, bumper protection front and rear, all this cost about 80,000 rubles together with the work. but given that there is plastic around the perimeter of the car, I think that protection will be useful.

What was good that was not in the previous model: the spare wheel was removed from the door and ate in the trunk, as a result, the load on the tailgate decreased, there was more space in the trunk, but instead of a full-size spare wheel, there is a banana right now. They also removed the petals from the steering wheel (on the previous model I used them no more than 3 times in 4 years), there was less excess on the steering wheel, the headlight rinse button was removed instead of this, the headlights are washed when the light is on for 1 press of the windshield washer and then every 5 washing the windshield, I didn’t really like it. The mirror control buttons are not illuminated, in the evening you have to look for them by touch or open the door, a strange economy, while everything else is well illuminated. the button for turning on the control of blind spots and the button for assisting when descending from the mountain are also not in sight, the button for turning on all-wheel drive is not very clearly visible, if the first one can be turned on and forgotten, then when driving along a mountain road, the second one also has to be looked for by touch, although with frequent use hands will remember. As already mentioned, voice dialing was removed - which I think is not good, when I'm used to it - it's not enough anymore, but phone control is much better and easier than in the old one. Blind spot control is a nice thing, especially when reversing, it notifies well and in a timely manner that a car or a pedestrian is approaching, although they are still not visible in the mirrors.

Rubber - is provided only on R18 / 155 and banana rims, other options, unlike the previous model (there were both R17 and R16) At the same time, native tires are a summer version, you could of course order a winter one, but the price tag for R18 tires is much higher, therefore, as on the previous model, I installed smaller wheels (17) and larger tires (165), which ultimately creates the same radius but is cheaper. The studded tires, together with the anti-skid options, abs and other things stuffed into the RAV4, create amazing stability on a winter track covered with snow and turned into a kind of washboard by a grader, I will say that I drove along a mountain road and did not understand what kind of road it was until I went through for several hours for small needs, even walking along this road was very difficult, and when driving it is practically not felt, even at high speeds. In general, the suspension on the new model is much better than on the old one.

The lighting is much better than on the previous model, automatic switching from far to near appeared when an oncoming car appears or if there are burning brake lights of the car ahead, the system works out clearly, so you don’t need to pull the light switch lever at all. Heated driver and passenger seats - adjusted for strong and weak heating - which is very good. New - Traffic control system along the marking when crossing the marking lane on the right or left - the warning signal sounds quite good - if, of course, the marking is visible and not covered with snow)

Another good innovation - in the old model with an intelligent system, opening happened simply when you grabbed the handle of the driver, front passenger or trunk, and to close it, you had to press the button on the door handles, while sometimes you had to press this button several times, in with the new one, just put your finger on the top of the handle (marks are made there) and closing with arming will happen, a trifle but very good.

There is enough room for the driver, but the seat is somehow not very wide from the bottom, and the ass honors itself clamped, of course, if you don’t eat it off, then there is no problem)) but there is an additional regulation in the lumbar region. As for the glove compartment at the driver's hand, I liked it more in the old one - there was an additional compartment for small pieces of paper and other garbage, and a charging socket, in the new RAV4 this is not there, and moreover, the top cover was made movable, which sometimes is completely out of place ( rested his elbow on her, and she suddenly went along with her hand)

Gasoline consumption in the 2.5 engine is less than in the previous model with 2L. engine, while it is much more powerful and faster than a 2-liter one, which was just what I needed. Gasoline and 92 and 95 and above, the manufacturer even allows ethyl alcohol to be added up to 10% of the fuel volume, which will remove excess water from the system. Consumption has not yet been determined exactly, the minimum on the highway, in economy mode with cruise control on, was about 7.7 liters, but in the combined cycle when warming up and driving in traffic jams, 16 liters came out.

In general, the car is very good, I am very satisfied.

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Vladusha 2022-03-28 (23:08)

And why is there no photo, the review is normal, but there is nothing to see. Complete with photos.

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Yuz53 2022-03-28 (23:08)

For Rafik 5.

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Dal-niy-1 2022-03-28 (23:08)

And why the spare wheel "banana"?

Dmitriy-19727 2022-03-28 (23:08)

Congratulations on the purchase, most importantly on time))) How often do you use mirror adjustment?

Labaz 2021-07-16 (17:19)

good auto review is apparently weak due to the short time of use

Labaz 2021-07-16 (17:19)

Haven't used a spare in the last 10 years. let it be better the floor is even and dokatka than a coffin

Andreyik 2021-07-01 (17:19)

Because in more expensive trim levels there is a dokatka, this has a plus, the floor in the trunk is even and the trunk is deeper, in cheaper trim levels a full-fledged 17 "" wheel, while the lid in the trunk covering this spare wheel is made in the form of a coffin lid.

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