2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #412

2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #412 - SUV, petrol engine, 2.4 l., 170 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2009 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2009
  • SUV
  • Petrol engine, 2.4 l., 170 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #412 - SUV, petrol engine, 2.4 l., 170 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1



Consumer Report

Hello everyone. I have been riding a rafik with an extended base for 3 years already. I will definitely add a photo as soon as I find a camera.

I’ll write right away, people like me are called manager here. I sell a GM car in Moscow. I have no relationship with Toyota. dealer. I didn’t install any special stages, I just tinted the rear windows. Before that, there were only passenger cars-Nissan Primera in three bodies p10, p11, p12: Ford Fusion (sold after 4 months, for some reason it didn’t start in wet weather and the signaling worked when it wanted, the diagnostics did not reveal anything). The first new car from office Toyota Corolla became the dealer. I drove it for 3 years and didn’t know any troubles. that moment there were strong shoals on the body and didn’t want to bother with self-selling .. They resold it instantly.

I opted for a crossover. It’s not possible to take a full-fledged SUV. The choice is not great - Xtrail, Outlander, Rafik, Grand Vitara.

I didn’t like Ixtrail right away, neither in appearance, nor in its qualities, nor in reliability (I worked for Nissan for 1.5 years, I heard it)

Outlander dropped himself. Mitsubishi does not like it.

The Grand Vitara is a super reliable car, I also have a Suzuki Group of Companies, the service is empty, they only come for maintenance. I myself saw cars with a mileage of 400,000 km. only consumables have changed. But unfortunately, the outdated appearance is nowhere to go, and it is the smallest one. Inside, it is quite ascetic to disgrace.

I stopped at a rafik. I liked the appearance, the base was enlarged, the interior was spacious, the engine was dynamic (within reason), CASCO 60,000 (very profitable for a car for 1,500,000.)

1.About the salon-

The seats are leather in places, they quickly lose their appearance, crumple, crack and stretch. Leatherette is cheap, you can’t say otherwise. very comfortable both in summer and winter.

The front panel is creaky hard plastic, there is a 6-disc changer, the sound quality is average. small. I really like the steering wheel with cruise control and a radio tape recorder on it. Small and with good information content.

2. By engine-

The engine is voracious in moderation. Probably 13 -15 liters eats around the city. On highway 11. I travel a lot in the regions of our Motherland. The dynamics began to limp lately, it seems they already need to change the oil in the automatic transmission, black. After that it will improve. Overtaking on the highway is not very confident. very carefully with this. Around the city, 100% light control. Rebuilding and confident maneuvering. Very satisfied. Without rolls and swaying.

3.by body-

Outwardly very beautiful, I can even say sporty. I like that the wheel on the door is beautiful (although it creaks, they can steal). The body is easily scratched, even from soft branches. The color is beige, good (in my opinion). There are no black moldings, everything is body color is a plus.

4.Control behavior on the road-

Rigid suspension + plastic interior is something, but handling is unrivaled, I ride everywhere except for hard off-road. City, highway, bad good ice snow dirt. Very satisfied.

auxiliary systems turn on instantly and used to be saved. All-wheel drive turns on without any ideas.

A good turning angle, in a traffic jam and in the yards I maneuver and turn around calmly, the parking sensors help out.

The complete set is complete, I don’t use much. I never turned on the two-zone, I don’t understand why it is needed.

At speed-

I have never driven it for more than 150 km / h. Before this speed, it behaves predictably, comfortably. When one wheel hit an icy roadside, it was thrown into the oncoming lane on the highway, the systems worked and taxied.

Interim resume-

I am very pleased with the car. Most of all, I am pleased with the reliability, non-breakability. I go through all MOT.TO 30,000 is the most expensive. I gave 30 thousand. At the moment it is 3 years old and 50,000 runs. will be. Decided to get to 100,000 and we'll see.

The price is very high for this car. 1,500,000 is too much. There are many cons. At the moment, there is no way to sell and buy something better. I will ride and enjoy the sounds of motor tires)

new photo

I post photos

2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #412 - SUV, petrol engine, 2.4 l., 170 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 2

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 18 miles per gallon (US)
  • 22 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 13.0 l/100km

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Dmitriy-akpp 2021-07-11 (03:57)

that's for sure! once wanted a long raf but never found it! bought a shorty.

Dmitriy-akpp 2021-07-11 (03:57)

Once upon a time I had a Lacetti - a bastard, at -26 it didn’t start at all !!!!

Vladimirkorpor 2021-07-11 (03:57)

Tailgate script in a couple of years! Still creaks kozhsalon in the cold! always starts without problems. when he worked in a Nissan, he rode the subway and the car stood in the garage in all frosts. It always started up the first time. And about GM- there is such an Opel Mokka car, and so it breaks down starting from 2 days after leaving the salon. The record is 1.5 hours and returned on the tow truck.

Vladimirkorpor 2021-07-11 (03:57)

about the illiquidity of a long rough, it falls insanely fast in price. This is especially evident after the release of a new body in 13. I put a good price on the ato ru and in 4 months I received a couple of calls, and then from the north. I’ll skate 100,000 km and then give it away for very cheap. I’ll buy exactly the same from my mother (current with navigation)))))

Vladimirkorpor 2021-07-11 (03:57)

More pics of Rafa

Vladimirkorpor 2021-07-11 (03:57)

I’m thinking that if you put off-road tires for the winter. Will the cross-country ability increase or the rough will remain an SUV that is not capable of off-road above average. I don’t hang a body kit, pipes, and so on because it will probably look funny like a nine with a body kit and a sports exhaust pipe.

Whitelynx 2021-07-11 (03:57)

I think it's not quite the right feed of your car. It is necessary to write correctly and on the right site. I'm even sure of it. Summer RHD sold on the second day, my husband wrote an ad. In May I was looking for a long-base ravine, I could not find it. They were expensive, both in the cabin and few. I saw an announcement here of a long Rava of the 3rd generation with a photo, and they copied those characteristics from the site about the fourth. And someone else bought it.

Vladimirkorpor 2021-07-09 (03:57)

I didn’t put it that way. In Moscow, everything beyond the Moscow Ring Road is called a region. I mean highways, poor quality roads, and so on.

Vladimirkorpor 2021-07-09 (03:57)

Toyota's liquidity is just super, other brands are in deep ....... according to this criterion. If the car is not wrapped and the price is at the market level, then it is sold in a matter of days. I personally sold the Corolla in 15 minutes, and the 7 year old 100 Cruiser with 160 thousand mileage (a week ago) in 2 days. I agree completely, but the increased base Rafik is an exception. It is illiquid

Lehaguru 2021-07-09 (03:57)

Tell me about GM...just be honest...How do you like them? Rav is normal, ride and don't bother... You can make Shumka arches if it's noisy.... The car is normal...+5...

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