2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #185

2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #185 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2009 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2009
  • SUV
  • 3rd generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #185 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1
  • 2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #185 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 2
  • 2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #185 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 3



Consumer Report

Hi all! I was in the use of the third generation RAV4 for a year, I bought it so that I could drive to the dacha, at the moment the car has been sold, so I am not writing biased. It is necessary to compare with something, since everything is known in comparison. Naturally, you can compare with what was, and what was from the crossovers? RAV4 second generation, Nissan Murano, Honda SRV 4th generation. It makes no sense to compare with Murano, a completely different class, but you can try with the previous generation of RAV4 and the next generation of SRV.

So, the task was to buy a used crossover on a machine within the limits of up to one million rubles. Judging by the reviews, like many, I wanted an honest machine, reliability, clearance. Liquidity is on sale, as I usually change cars once a year. I will not bore you with a list of competitors, I was looking for exactly the third generation RAV4.

There is an important point here. If you want to buy a third-generation RAV4 on a machine, then the machine was on 2 liter engines until 2009 on pre-styling models, in the Restyle the headlights became like those of the Camry, and the machine was replaced with a CVT. (There were two body updates in total) The second version of the machine: until 2012, RAV4 in long versions with a 2.4 engine, but if you carefully read the reviews and the forum, there are often complaints from the owners that the 2.4 engine eats oil on longs.

I don’t need a variator, I also didn’t want to add oil and repair the engine, so there was only an option with 2 liters until 2009. Since I was looking for a low mileage, so that it was not a bit beautiful and the interior was not scratched, I had to look for several months. The older the car, the more difficult it is to find an option with real mileage. For example, a car appears, you call, you ask, they tell you that the car is ideal, but the windshield has been changed and the hood with a bumper has been painted, like chips, but why are there so many chips? You check the databases and it becomes clear that the car is off the highway, the mileage is 200,000 km, and the odometer is 80,000 km ...

In the end, found in perfect condition. Dealer service. Native tires, not a scratch in the cabin, and so on … So, let's go.


Someone will say that this word cannot be applied to this car, it is possible that he will be right, but only in part. Compared to the second generation, it's just heaven and earth. On the third generation, you can go and not feel like in an UAZ, as it was with the second generation. On the second generation, it was impossible to drive normally on the highway more than 90 km / h. It is clear that 140 can also be driven in the classics, I mean, in order to drive calmly and without unnecessary stress. In the second generation, the backs of the whole family ached, whoever got behind the wheel, there were quite tolerable seats, I felt more comfortable in them than in the SRV.

Noise isolation is certainly not a fountain. Worse than the SRV, worse than the same Corolla 120th, but better than the second generation. You can ride, but not everyone can resist seriously thinking about soundproofing. The windows are thin, the engine screams decently, you can hear the sound of exhaust, tires ... When choosing rubber, you need to be careful, if you choose noisy tires, then it will be impossible to drive.

Places in the cabin is not very much. This is especially felt after the SRV. The passenger constantly rests his knees on the torpedo, it performs unsuccessfully somehow. The trunk is complete. Not big, but not small either.

Seats are like seats. The back did not hurt, but it is clear that there is not much lateral support, there are not many settings, but not in such a way that the back falls off, as in the second generation.

An interesting feature: all the smells from outside come into the cabin, only on this machine it was necessary to turn on the recirculation mode almost all the time. It does not add comfort.

Suspension, ride

It was still possible to talk about comfort somehow, but such a term as ride smoothness can be applied to this car with even more stretch. They say that RAV4 is a stool. This comparison is close to the truth. We have good roads in Sochi, I did not experience any discomfort, but when I got on the gravel road, I remembered the Corolla, which did not notice it at all. About the rear suspension - a separate conversation, it is not always clear whether it is there at all or the wheels are simply bolted to the body.

Speed ​​characteristics

And again, not about this car. Speed? Overclocking? Pass by. Such horror, as was the case with the second generation, is not observed. The car behaves normally at speed, does not lay its ears, does not scour along the road. Rides itself, but 4-mortar limits the maximum comfortable speed.

In the city, the car "seems" dynamic. Not a vegetable. Probably, the roar of the engine, the features of the suspension and steering give the feeling that the car is going well, but the acceleration numbers to hundreds indicate the opposite. Stay in the stream, not really stupid and actively drive in urban mode, she can. I didn’t feel flawed, but I’m not a racer, although I can go faster than the main stream according to my mood.

The saddest thing is overtaking on the track, but then again, how to drive. If you do not scorch, then enough. We don't have autobahns. There is nowhere to overtake columns of trucks in Sochi. If without extreme, then you can ride. Again, what to compare.


Comfort? Smooth running? Speed? Maybe soft plastic? Decent music?…. No, no and no again))).. So why did I buy this car? Why is this car so expensive on the secondary market and why is it so popular?

Now we can talk about reliability. Of course, everything is relative, someone will say that truly reliable cars remained in the 90s, and now everything is not the same, but we drive modern cars and compare them with those cars that are on the market here and now.

A 4-speed automatic, if not killed, will outlive the engine, and maybe the body itself. Causes much more confidence than any CVT. Okay CVT, not every mechanic has such a margin of safety.

The engine is without surprises - it does not eat oil, nothing flows, does not knock. They say about him that he is disposable, but now most engines are like that, and here the point is in his resource. The resource here is decent for this type of engine.

Everything about the rear-wheel drive: the rear gearbox can’t stand the brains, the clutch, and so on ...

But of course there are pains.

Rake rarely goes up to 100,000 km without knocking. The knock may not be heard on a flat road, but on a gravel road it sings with the booming sound of a plastic bottle. You don't need to change the rail, you need to change the bushings. I could clearly hear it closer to 90,000 km. Usually the right side starts to knock.

The left oil seal of the rear gearbox, and indeed oil seals, are not the strong point of the RAV4. It can leak for 50,000 km, it can just sweat. The dealer for the replacement of the oil seal requires an inadequate amount. The problem is that if the stuffing box is leaking, then replacing it may not help if there is wear on the shaft. There is a chance that you will have to change both the oil seal and the inner joint.

There are no more special diseases. The body resists corrosion quite well, if it is not St. Petersburg or Moscow, where by 10 years and 150,000 km there may be holes in the floor or at least the bottom will be reddish, while the top of the body will be in order.

Probably due to the fact that there are no ruinous sores in RAV4, and all other indicators are even, then RAV4 is so popular. Competitors in this money will almost all drive the same way, growl and make noise the same way, but at the same time they can take out the brain on a large scale on long runs and even on small ones. Here you will not have to treat cut teeth in the transfer case, change overheated clutches, deal with oil burners, knocking pistons, look for scoring in cylinders, toil with electrics or worry about excessive loads on the variator. (I have nothing against the variator, do not throw slippers)

The SRV stands apart here, the reliability will be no less, and maybe more, but there will be more comfort - that's for sure. If we talk about the 3rd generation of the SRV, then the SRV will clearly lose in the efficiency of the rear-wheel drive, and the 4th generation in the clearance. SRV 3 is the closest competitor to RAV4, but with different consumer qualities and in the same condition, usually more expensive.

More about reliability. Someone will say that all this is a myth... They invented it for themselves. Toyota brain and so on.... I can judge from my own experience and the experience of friends. Indeed, I and my friends never had any global technical problems with Toyotas, and the runs were different (up to 200,000 km). I don’t want to check some brands and models in the risk zone from my own experience, usually, if the profile forum of a certain model is littered with messages about a problem, then it really pops up, so I choose a car after carefully studying the forums to be ready for surprises. So far everything has been confirmed. I also have a very good friend, the owner of an excellent service, who specializes in Toyotas, sometimes I consult with him. If some model of another brand meets the reliability requirements, then I’m considering buying, I’m not a stubborn toyotophile))) And Toyota itself is not without sin - not all models of this company are equally useful and reliable))) And if the question arises not only about reliability, but also about the pleasure of driving, then there is already another story altogether.

What else to add?

Stock up on tape. The back door creaks. Wrap electrical tape around the eye of the rear door lock - it’s enough for a year for sure. You can even choose it in body color)

A spare wheel and a rear door cover are not the best remedy for insomnia if the car is parked in the yard of a large metropolis.

Dipped beam - frankly bad.

Salon in terms of crickets. Nothing especially creaked for me, sometimes there was some kind of creaking in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe central air ducts, but I was too lazy to eliminate it. Crickets are such a thing that they can live in a Mercedes, it was a matter of freaking out and personally disassembling a w204 C-class torpedo in order to eliminate squeaks on a car with a mileage of 25,000 km.

By 100,000, the diode bridge in the generator burns out for many (I met it several times with friends), and the rear struts are leaking, but all this is solved quickly and for reasonable money.

Passability for a crossover is sufficient. Ground clearance is high, drive without sores. There is an opinion that a crossover is a type of nonsense, because you can’t get into real dirt on it, but my personal example says that it’s not nonsense at all. For example, to the cottage from the main road 200 meters - this is a gravel road and clay / grass / stones on a slope). Driving out on the front-wheel drive is one torment, and the crossover passes this section without any tension at all. It turns out that it does its job perfectly! In this case, you don’t need a frame, lowers, a winch, etc., for the sake of these 200 meters.

The car is ideal for transporting your body from one point to another without unnecessary troubles. There will be minimal comfort, but you won’t be able to feel any pleasure from driving if you drove something more comfortable, faster or smoother. If you sit down from the second RAV4, then you can turn the steering wheel with one hand and wipe the tears of happiness with the other. Probably, you can also get pleasure from the fact that this is a crossover when you drive on a bad road, go out into nature or park in a snowdrift.

If the car is perceived as a mixture of all the advantages and disadvantages, which is eventually formed into a certain image of the RAV4, such a reliable crossover livestock with its own special character, then the car will really like it.

I was pleased with the car. I drove regularly, my wallet and brain did not strain. You sit down and drive when you need and where you need, I am sure that the next owner will not have problems with the car for a long time. Such is the workhorse for every day.

It was sold in two days to the first one who came to see for a price slightly higher than they bought a year ago. I never had any problems with selling Toyotas, cars were always sold in the period from 4 to 48 hours, if the price was adequate.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this model is becoming more and more a thing of the past every year, there are fewer living specimens, and the requirements for the level of comfort are increasing. The exterior design seems to me to be relevant for a long time, but the interior will soon look like from the distant past, so it was interesting to taste this particular body, while there was still such an opportunity.

I hope that I didn’t confuse anything in the review according to the years of restyling, technical issues, I didn’t double-check the data with the encyclopedia. All the best!

Year of car purchase: 2017

Mileage: 55935 mi. (90000 km.)

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 26 miles per gallon (US)
  • 31 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 9.0 l/100km

Fuel consumption in the city:

  • 21 miles per gallon (US)
  • 26 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 11.0 l/100km

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Roman 2022-03-30 (23:53)

Because it took me 5 minutes to drive the new RAV4 to understand that he was a Tiguan classmate, only in size, in all other qualities he was closer to the Duster (by the way, the RAV was at maximum speed) I'm afraid to imagine what kind of collective farm in minimum wage. Vasya is an athlete and an excellent student, and Kolya is a loser and a lazy person, but both of them study in the 5th "A" - and therefore they are classmates. I compare iron characteristics, not virtual subjective signs. If Rafik has an ancient 2-liter and an ancient 4-speed automatic, the hodovka is the simplest - so why don't I compare it with the Duster, which has the same hardware? Corolla 150ka, although listed in class C, has iron that does not correspond to class 1.6 / automatic transmission4 / beam / plastic drum. Corolla slows down normally, until you sit on the same VAG or even Ford, you will immediately understand that the Corolla did not have brakes. If you drive a Solaris all your life - it will be the best car, I have a colleague at work, Solaris 1.4 - so he says that after 100 km / h he is undermined and he easily overtakes anyone he wants, well, a person likes to think so, God with him.

Fotograf2015 2022-03-30 (23:53)

An ancient engine and an ancient four-speed automatic! What century is this? There is a lot of text, but zero use! Why this confusion with a swing at literary styles and a transition to unnecessary and uninteresting demagogy about doubles and excellent students. It seems that a person who cannot distinguish Rav from Duster imagines himself to be a highly qualified auto expert! By the way, what kind of car does Auto Expert have? Many usually do not answer, which means that there is no car, but ambitions in bulk.

Roman 2022-03-30 (23:53)

Oh yeah! If in the night from afar I can’t tell a Rav from a Sportage, then if I’m blindfolded in a Rav or Tiguan, then I’ll even understand where I landed. But if you put them in a Rav or a Duster, it will be debatable, because even with your hands on the shitty lining you will fumble and you won’t make out where anyone is! Well, even without eyes, I will get out and touch the discs, and if this is pseudo-casting, but rather stamping with a slant for casting - 100% equal! Only they were smart enough for hamsters to push the maximum speed on a stamped "casting". There were many cars, Lancer / Corolla / Focus 2 / Golf 7 / Golf Plus / Tiida / Outlander / Qashqai / March / Kia Rio. Service Aveo and Camry which ride pretty. Not all cars were directly mine, I also use my father's or mother's car sometimes. At the moment I own focus3 2.0, I think a year to travel and take the Skoda A7 1.4 on the DSG. Of all these cars, the official Aveo of '11 was really surprised. 7 years in his tail and mane, 200+ mileage and really nothing was done to him, there was a repair of the hodovka, but he got up for some pennies. And I always try to take a car at maximum speed, because at a minimum you will never understand what's what.

7537310 2022-03-27 (18:04)

Because you can ride a rafik and not know grief, in extreme cases, put up racks to make it softer and it will cost absolutely no space money. I drove a rafik for 4 years - this is a car that will always take you to any point, almost on any road - both in the city and in nature, in the forest and along the coast, etc. The cost of repairs and spare parts is a penny. The cost of spare parts is much MUCH!!! below BMW! Go to existential and compare prices. As one famous autoblogger said, comparing crossovers for 800 thousand: "I hope you are smart enough not to buy an old German." Apparently, not everyone is smart enough ..... While you drive a BMW of these years, pay as much money for repairs and sores as a rafik costs. That's where the liquidity comes from.

Vtlkadlr 2022-03-27 (18:04)

so go and compare)) all prices are about the same if you take one manufacturer for suspension, bodywork, and so on. I compared the prices of my e83 with a rafik and a sideboard a lot of times No, I agree, if you compare origi bnv ammorts with kayaba, then the difference will be significant, but if you compare both kayaba, then sow-sow, there is a difference and not in favor of Toyota, especially when compared with the Saxons, God or Monroe. Likewise with everything else. The bodywork in St. Petersburg is also cheaper than for Toyota, and the quality of the bodywork in bnv and audi is an order of magnitude better here, it’s even pointless to argue (but Meren’s bodywork is no better than toyota)

7537310 2022-03-27 (18:04)

Well, it’s useless to argue with you, as I understand it)) you are from that minority who will defend their old beha to the last)) although if you take the state of Rafik 2008 and the state of behi 2008 (under equal operating conditions), then the beha is already junk, and rafik is still the same reliable and liquid comrade. Here, even with foam at the mouth, you can prove anything. I have a lot of examples when the Germans let me down at the most inopportune moment (this summer, a friend on x6 diesel in the village just died pneumatically), and this is a tow truck + repair. With this money, you can support 2 Rafiks for several years. And yet, do not be lazy and go to the existential, but look again CAREFULLY at the prices :)) and plus the number of high-quality duplicates. Just from operating experience: beha is a problem, Toyota (including Rafik) is the absence of a headache, sometimes you just call in a service by inertia to find something to fix)) and it, ****, does not need to be repaired ))) Here is the same ***** what, not that beha!! ))

Fotograf2015 2022-03-26 (23:53)

Full wallet of sex is not afraid!

Fotograf2015 2022-03-26 (23:53)

And if there is no money, there will be no more of them from ranting.

Fotograf2015 2022-03-26 (23:53)

What are you worried about here for the money of the rabbis! Calm better the youth who dream of the news.

Roman 2022-03-24 (23:53)

That is, the fact that it is initially much more expensive than its competitors - is it considered not to fuck a wallet? Yes, he has it at the time of purchase in **** l turns out.

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