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  • 2009 Toyota RAV4
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  • 2009 Toyota RAV4 Review #148 - Other, | Consumer Report, photo 1
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Consumer Report

Hello to all Rav'ovod)

Finally decided to write a review.

I wanted to do it after a year of operation, but somehow tightened it, and now it's been a little more than a year.

The choice fell on the car by accident when rushing around the showrooms in search of a new car. Realizing that I was somehow bred for money, buying a car for 1250 thousand, adding a little credit funds, I get some kind of garbage at the output, which is not worth that much.

After talking with a smart person, I eventually got Rav4, 2009, 2.4 engine, 170hp, long version, almost in the top configuration, there were no parking sensors.

Bought from relatives with mileage 32t. For the year he dashed off 18 tons, there is something to share, although everything has already been described, painted, told by everyone).

From the experience of driving there were no classmates, so I will not compare with others, there is no need.

Of the benefits: spacious, roomy, high (although everything is relative), rulitsya gently, comfortable landing. For me, an important factor is the convenience of the rear passengers - and here, of course, everything is very convenient - the door is lengthened, there is a lot of space, it is comfortable to sit, the seats move, tilt.

All sorts of small organizers in the trunk also pleased - niches, a socket, luggage hooks, a curtain and a net.

Someone writes that the paintwork is weak, but everything is fine with me.

As for driving performance: speed, maneuverability are pleasing, there are no problems with overtaking on the track, there is no critical roll, the brakes are good, the assistance systems work correctly. Suspension, in my opinion, is noisy, but it is critical for everyone in their own way. It doesn’t bother me, although there were thoughts to make noise in the car. This is not an SUV) you can climb porridge and so on, but it will not pass through the wilds, although there are assistance systems) but this is all so, conditionally) for the wilds - UAZ))

As for the interior: there is something to get to the bottom of)) WHY in the top version it is impossible to make all windows with auto mode? Or at least two front ones) the location of the seat heating buttons is critical for someone, it’s normal for me, you don’t use them so often to make it uncomfortable. I still don’t like that there is no indication on the tidy in which position the gear selector is, or at least the backlight on the selector itself)) And what a wild thing - not to heat the legs for the rear passengers, it’s not difficult, the engine allows without problems add warmth and interior) otherwise everything is cool)

I like the look, my wife likes it. I don't see any feminine style in it. I like opening the door to the side - although many people ask and wonder if it is convenient ??)) everyone is up ..

Of the improvements, a radio tape recorder with aliexpress was installed for 15 tons with a rear view camera, a Thule roof rack, because I lead an active lifestyle, I drive skis, boards, bicycles.

For the year there were two then, oil change, 3.5t each. They say these engines eat oil.. I don't. Maybe the mileage is still small, we'll see) but what it eats is gasoline)) or I drive like this .. More on that below.

At 40 tons, according to the regulations, I changed the oils in the box and gearboxes.

For 50t. the rear right shock absorber strut strangely flowed. I think, somewhere in the winter in severe frost, I flew into a hole - as a result. New with work for 3t original.

Gasoline consumption bothered me at first. Instead of those stated in the books, it differed by several liters .. In the summer, 8/14 highway / city. In winter 10/17 (sometimes even 19). I don’t know how those who write that they have low consumption drive. I tried to drive saving. If desired, you can fit into the 12l in the city in the summer. But it takes a lot of effort. Average fuel consumption per YEAR 14.4, this is a combined cycle. Lots of highways and cities. Roughly 40/60 highway/city. So, saving on driving is not mine. I don’t want to install HBO, not such runs that the savings are tangible and rational.

In general, the car pleases, driving with pleasure. No wonder she is in the top of the sold, bought))

Maybe I missed something, but then again - a lot has already been written about cars from other owners, but here I will add my opinion (chaotic) over time))

Good luck on the roads!

Second year of operation

During the second year of operation, almost 22 thousand km were covered. The total mileage was 74 thousand.

For 22k:

- changed the oil three times (after 7-8 thousand).

- changed the front wipers (and the right front wiper twice, since the left one turned out to be slightly longer than the original one, and when the maximum speed was turned on, the left one rested on the right one, and it flew off in an unknown direction, I had to buy a second one)

- Replaced room light bulbs with LEDs

- Replaced side lights with LEDs

- Replaced right headlight bulb

- replaced the dipped beam lamp of the left headlight (for the first time, since 2009 the lamp was on)

- replaced cabin and air filters

By substitutions - all))

By mileage:

- Route 30% - often traveled to the nearest cities: Tobolsk, Yekaterinburg. They drove the family to Kazakhstan (Borovoye, Nur-Sultan). Had a great time, would recommend.

- City 70%.

Consumption on the highway in the summer, with air conditioning, speed 90-110 - 7-7.5l, city up to 13.5.

Consumption on the highway in winter - 8-8.5l, city up to 20l (in cold weather -20-30).

The average expense for BC is 14.2, the average expense for two years for checks is 13.8 (I enter everything into the program).

Insurance, OSAGO 7500 per year.

Chinese mafon, worked well for a year and a half. Now sometimes he has a glitch, loses the steering wheel buttons. You fix them again, fly off, again, the norms, or restarting the engine helps. In general, not critical, but on the go it was a couple of times at the wrong time)

The second year of operation was a pleasure. Ergonomics suits, both outside and inside. And recently, RAV received a compliment that it’s a very cool opening of the back door)))), in principle, it’s also convenient for me) and it’s convenient to get up on the bumper to fix the load on the roof or something else.

The interior is spacious, comfortable, relaxing.

I'll put in my five cents about the new RAV, the fifth generation. Were at his presentation. I climbed all over it, and after, during the service. I liked it, outside, partly inside. Many write that it’s just oh, how spacious it has become .. Perhaps they are comparing the third body, the standard one. Yes, there is less space than in the new one. And for me, there is less space in the new one for me. I have version 2.4 long. The rear seats move, fold flat, the trunk is larger even with the seats moved all the way. Ahead of the place also seemed less, the legs rest on the sides. More technologically advanced, as it should be 10 years later, in comparison with the third body.

I put in five kopecks, I still like mine better)))

For active outings, the car is just right) corresponds to its name)

PS photo.

In the KZ in Nur-Sultan next to the mock-ups of missiles.

I almost bought a Duster for 1250 thousand. The car is not bad, I even liked it at one time, but not for that kind of money (although we have a very good service in Renault).

Summer outing with a family on a bicycle to the forest-fields outside the city.

Accidentally stood next to the fourth generation)))

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Igor-77 2022-02-27 (18:04)

Maslozhor feature of this engine. There was such a Rav in 2011, if you throw up 80-90, there was practically no oil consumption. 120-150 started to eat up. But a friend of the Camry of 2006 with the same pihl 2AZ and a mileage of about 300,000 has oil from replacement (after 7000) to replacement by level. H. Z. why is that.

11213828 2021-10-14 (18:04)

Do you think it eats oil because of the characteristics of the engine?) Someone doesn’t have an oil burner at all. Officials sing that this is the norm for this engine) unofficials say that this is critical and the problem of this engine

13799532 2021-08-16 (18:04)

Hello, I have the same car in 2010 with a mileage of 60,000 km. In principle, I am satisfied with everything, for 10 thousand mileage, the oil eats up 200 max gr (I think it’s not critical)))

13799532 2021-08-16 (18:04)

And at the expense of gasoline consumption, I noticed that it is very sensitive to the cleanliness of the air filter, and on 92m gasoline, it eats not much more than on 95th.

Andrey 2021-08-11 (18:04)

Idemitsu oil 5w-30. Gasoline 92nd. Mileage 120,000. City-highway mode. In October, after an oil change, I reset the average consumption counter. By February, the counter showed 11.8. Today is 10.6. Daily mileage of 40 km or more

V 2021-08-11 (18:04)

Hello, can you tell me what is the best oil to pour, mileage 180t.km? Thicker or not?

Andrey 2021-08-11 (18:04)

They tell me that after 100,000 it is necessary to pour thicker, while I look ... It eats up a little oil, somewhere around 1 liter per 8 tons. Km. I'll try 5w-40 on my next change.

14501256 2021-08-09 (18:04)

I have the same car from 2009. Winter consumption -12.5l, summer - 10.5-11l. Mostly city mode.

11213828 2021-08-09 (18:04)

What oil, what gasoline, driving mode?)

14501256 2021-08-09 (18:04)

Oil 5w30 mobile Driving mode is active. Yesterday we arrived from Belarus to Ufa, loaded, on the highway 110-150 km, the average consumption was 9.5l

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