2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #664

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 2006 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2006
  • SUV
  • 3rd generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 3 horsepower
  • Steering wheel Left

Consumer Report

For a whole year I was looking for a replacement for my current (yet) Camry Grace 1998. Went through all the business sedans and SUVs. Been on a dozen test drives. And settled on RAV4. Liked it on the go. Toyota. All the bells and whistles in the base. Nothing to buy (rugs, mudguards, etc.)

Compared with Honda CRV, Subaru Forester, Nissan X-trail. The Honda is somewhat outdated in appearance. I liked the salon though. But the lack of a single price for all dealers is annoying + the need to buy in addition what should be from the factory. Nissan disappointed with the wretchedness of the interior, especially the panel and some kind of uazism on the go. Well, the price of these cars is higher in a similar configuration .. Subarik is a cult car, soft on the go, but somehow archaic in appearance. Cramped salon. In general - not the last squeak. I only liked that there is a downshift on the mechanics.

In general - RAV4. Last generation. Japanese assembly. On mechanics. I have been driving mechanics for many years and I like to be in complete control of the process myself. The test drive was attended only by cars with automatic transmission. And I had a chance to evaluate the features of the mechanics after the purchase. Uncomfortable grip. Drove 1200 km., But have not yet got used to it. Big move. In general - an unsuccessful knot. A little more gas (stuck in a snowdrift) - it began to stink of a burnt clutch. In general, automatic transmission is better. I didn't take it in vain.

The car is frisky, not inferior to the Camry. Stable on the track. With regard to stiffness on the go - normal, what you need. Excellent instrument panel, climate control and sound.

Not as noisy as some have said. I drove 1200 km from Tyumen to Noyabrsk in a day. Tired even less than the Camry. Good view, good light. The brakes are slightly worse than in the Camry. Either the car itself is heavier. Comfortable seats. Excellent steering wheel. I drove carefully along the winter road on summer tires. Consumption 7.8 l / 100 km. Camry usually 7.5. The car is very agile. Its dimensions are easily visible (felt) from the inside. I have not used it off-road yet. And I probably won't.

Interesting glove boxes, door pockets, trunk. Everything is thought out functionally. The finish and build quality is excellent. 7 airbags (including popliteal).

For some reason, in the instructions, on almost every page there are threats like fatal injuries in an accident, the tendency of a car to roll over, etc. I remember the instructions for the first car in the family - Moskvich-412 (1975) - it says that the M412 is a modern high-speed car and further in the same vein ..

Put Vibastu alarm. Ordered winter tires with discs (Velcro Bridgestone).

In general, a good car. The best SUV in its price range. Thoughtful, thoughtful. You just need to get used to the grip.

On holidays in Tyumen came all the same on the Camry. It was tested by last year's frosts of minus 50.

We had persistent rumors about the possibility of frosts down to minus 60 in January... But, thank God, this information does not seem to be confirmed.

Happy New Year everyone!!! And good roads on good cars!!!

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 34 miles per gallon (US)
  • 40 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 7.8 l / 100km on the highway

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2022-03-31 (21:38)

what kind of dead such a Camry is that Rafik is not inferior to her in dynamics :) ??? :)

2022-03-31 (21:38)

Rafik probably front-wheel drive? "Stuck in a snowdrift" Engine 1.8?

2022-03-31 (21:38)

Thanks for the feedback! I would like to ask ... what about the noise? ... smoothness ... build quality ... plastic (crickets)? Evgeniy... A person writes about a new car ... and not about a skewers with a 1.8 engine

2022-03-31 (21:38)

Blond, as you put it, shushlyak for Japan on the new Rafah is a 2.4 engine, not 2.0 like this junk for Russia.

Auto-vl-ru 2022-03-31 (21:38)

In a word - Tyumen ...

2022-03-31 (21:38)

As for the dynamics - both RAV4 and Camry (2.2) according to the passport accelerate to hundreds a little longer than 10 seconds. This is quite enough. As for the dynamics, I can judge. Now I am selling another car (http://www.autowk.ru/main/salon?id=218). Tired of his greed. And we don’t have autobahns worthy of it. And about Tyumen, I would not be sarcastic. 70% of export is our area. The level of income of the population and its motorization in the first place in the Russian Federation. Our snowdrifts you never dreamed of. In addition, real frosts during the night are so compressed that you can’t budge. Yes, and so far summer tires. In Primorye, every snowfall is a natural disaster. The noise is comparable to Camry. True, I have not yet ridden more than a hundred on it. Doesn't press on the ears. There is one interesting lotion - the volume of music is self-adjusting depending on the speed of the car. Maybe that has an effect. You can ride smoothly. But it will probably be smoother on the machine. But then the playfulness will already be dumber. I assure everyone that it is quite a decent car. The best SUV. Legislator for the next three or four years. Toyota rarely fails with new models. Everything is thought out and verified at a very solid level. I'm looking forward to replacing the Corolla. She should push the new Civic.

2022-03-31 (21:38)

Once again Happy New Year. I just drove past a NISSAN dealer - a huge area full of new cars. In Toyota, it's a rolling ball. Everything is thrown away instantly. My daughter had the Premiere of the English assembly. Not a bad machine. I especially liked the receiver there. Caught the whole world on medium waves. Yes, and indicated from which city the radio station. I forgot to say that I ordered RAV in September. According to the contract, it was supposed to come in the spring, but the Japanese strained themselves and issued it ahead of schedule. It would be better if she came in the spring. The year would have been 2007 already. Yes, and with the winter bells and whistles, it would be possible to wait until autumn.

Xzibit 2022-03-31 (21:38)

left-handed toilet

2022-03-31 (21:38)

Xzibit: left-handed toilet... what do you ride yourself? for starters, I would buy a typewriter worth under $ 40 and then I would say the toilet is not a toilet)))

2021-05-21 (15:50)

As they say in the Far East, "A good steering wheel will not be called left." Because left-handed cars for Russia are somehow unfinished. On the basic trim levels there is not even "plastic", there is no nichrome there. Packed cars come from Japan. Well, the new Raf turned out to be the best in the domestic market, 2.4 2AZ-FE vvt-i, CVT-i robotic machine, etc.

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