2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #616

2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #616 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2006 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2006
  • SUV
  • 3rd generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Mechanical
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #616 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 1
  • 2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #616 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 2
  • 2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #616 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 3
  • 2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #616 - SUV, 3rd generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, mechanical | Consumer Report, photo 4



Consumer Report

The car was bought from a dealer (then there was no official one yet) in Novosibirsk in March 2006, I guess the first RAV4 in Novosibirsk, according to my manager, he was tortured with offers to buy more expensive (fanatics or something ...) then it cost a million and a few hundred more expensive than now with the officials.

Before that, I drove the right Corolla 4WD 1998. and the new Focus 2 sedan (on a full mincemeat 2 liters)

The machine is in the first configuration on the mechanics .. not because there was not enough money, it was exactly what I wanted, for some reason I don’t like RAV on minced meat.

How did you even manage to buy a RAV? As I said before him, I was only 4 months away on a new Focus car in every sense, excellent except for cross-country ability. I often go to the mountains (Sheregesh) to ski and when it snows it’s very difficult to get to the hotel (they are on the mountain) when all my comrades are already riding, I try to go backwards ... (in front of it in general) to drive up the mountain, in general that moment I decided to come back and change the car.

Now about RAV actually.

mileage is now 30,000 km, 3 MOTs have passed ... bored nothing broke (hodovka is normal, front pegs 50%?

I drive very carefully! I will note the + and - that I noticed during this time:


-hooray curbs, snowdrifts, pits, puddles (deep) are no longer a problem ... which is relevant on cars

- I like the design of the interior and exterior, and the ergonomics are OK

materials are no worse and no better than on other classmates and not only.

- There is a lot of space in the back for passengers. the seats move from here minus the small trunk

- Consumption is undoubtedly - 11 in the summer in the city, 12 in winter, on the highway about 9-10 (140-170 km.h + mountains 60-90 km / h)

-Management on good asphalt, no worse than focus



-Rigid suspension, it hammers and cracks on bumps, and we have enough bumps, honestly it bothers me a little, but I think all crossovers (well, maybe Freelander 2 is an exception) are also harsh.

- Passability, don’t dream about off-road exploits, the clutch overheats in one fell swoop, the suspension is short-stroke, don’t dig into the figs.

-There was a creak like on a Muscovite 412 in the trunk, it turned out to be a rear door lock, it was lubricated for MOT, now it doesn’t creak.

- Noise isolation is average but I'm tired

- Not a big trunk

- Well, the legend about the fact that this is a female car, although I personally do not care.

well, about what is tolerable: the dynamics are average, not up to racing, it really accelerates if you spin up to 5000 rpm ... but for a fraction, although the engine is interesting and adapts to the style of driving on the highway at 110 km, it picks up acceleration with 4 passengers quite confidently up to 140 ( which is enough for overtaking, and in the city it can roll in 3-4 gears of 30-40 km-h) the box is clear but the clutch must work more carefully, not accuracy is accompanied by jerks in motion.

I will add about some additional equipment installed by me:

- Signaling without auto start (the dealer sold the dog when buying, just do not need it) 5-6000r

- autonomy Gidronic with remote control (48000r) (the first year I went without it up to -30 it started up, but it’s calmer and more convenient and you rape the car less, because someone else will drive it later)

- roof rails with THULE ski trunk (15000r and 8000r)

- tow hitch water bike or snowmobile (6500r)

-Xenon (Korean in the low beam, shine and plow perfectly)

- Windshields, tinting, rugs I don’t remember how much it costs

-Set of winter tires Nokian h5 with 17 rims

In general, the car does not cause a storm of emotions, but the RAV is worthy of respect and interest of those who are young (and not young), for whom a large trunk is not important, and who suffers shaking on bumps, for whom fuel economy and exceptional reliability are important, who climbs into the mountains or to the dacha (not willingly in the wilds!!!!) who have few parking lots in the city and have to park anywhere, well, and someone just likes RAV.

I intend to part with this car in half a year, I’m about to have a child and a dacha, the interior will become small and the trunk and in general (I’m already thinking of buying a capsule for the roof) the child is very shaking on the bumps on the road, the child can’t sleep, and just already tired) ))

I’m looking at Discovery 3 (on pneumatic), Pajero 4, if there are rumors about the new Prado, I can wait for it and I’ll already take such cars on full minced meat, they are more worthy of this, and without it they are flawed somehow ... don’t judge strictly) )))

Probably the right evolution of cars in my life.

P.S. actually writing a review for the first time.

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 26 miles per gallon (US)
  • 31 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 9-12 l/100km l/100km

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Www_42 2022-03-15 (10:01)

Vac where did you see Rav4 from 2.5, it goes to 2.4 or 2.0 VASIA at most!!!

2022-03-09 (10:01)

The comment is definitely not about Rav4, I have 2004. with the above problems I have never encountered a hedgehog on different roads, the author does not care

2022-02-07 (10:01)

As for me, the RAV4 is a great car, the only negative is the squeaky tailgate. The suspension is soft, where did you find stiffness there? Have you driven a Honda or Mitsubishi? I worked for Mitsubishi, and I will not say that the Pajero car is super! This is another class in the 1st! XL is tough, but in principle the car is not bad, but not better than RAV4.

Serega_1n_ 2021-12-24 (09:01)

Well done for taking the MCP of the current, not a comfortable grip, but it’s better than an automatic and without skin it’s cool! the color is cool

2021-12-22 (09:01)

my sister has one with a 2.5 engine. the benz snores, but it goes great.

2021-10-13 (09:01)

Michael, have you sold it yet? how much do you want to sell?

2021-10-11 (03:12)

A couple of days ago, my grandfather bought the same one, only without roof mounts and in a sport variation, but ahem ... no matter how I didn’t rape him, it’s still not BWM :) And space ... wah. Author +5

Hummer 2021-09-27 (09:01)

If you search hard on the net, you can find a Kluger ... a new Kluger. It doesn't look like the new Highlander, just a little... Right now I'm driving a 2002 Kluger, 3.0l, 4w. Don't like it very much. I want just such a new RAV 4 in the top configuration. I want a car that no one has driven before me. I want clearance and 4 vd. Well, I'm not very greedy. And this is exactly RAV 4 (2.4l, 4 wd).

2021-09-11 (09:01)

That's what it means people zazhralis!!! RAV-4 is tough!!! HA! And I haven’t driven a Zhiguli for a long time ??? I understand that the price and advertising are different, but for Kalina, for example, advertising is good! And the price for such a sludge is not bad! And RAV, it has always been considered an SUV, that is, an asphalt jeep ... that's why it is considered feminine !!! Aren't you ashamed to drive women's cars? Here in Krasnodar on the RAV-4, mostly women ride, good looks, feminine features of the body-harmony!

2021-09-03 (09:01)

Ponty and ZYUMENKA you can add to the car yourself, only you will have one, and it is imprisoned for your beloved, there would be a desire ... A good machine, if you sit down on Disco 3, you will find out what a service and a replacement car are (especially in winter with pneumatic) IMHO. Personally, I am for the RX from Lexus ..

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