2006 Toyota RAV4 Review #608

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 2006 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2006
  • SUV
  • 3rd generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 152 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left

Consumer Report

When you buy a Japanese car, you must understand that it will not give you complete satisfaction in everything, like the same German BMW X3 ..., for example. With the same feeling, I bought myself a RAV4, but I knew that in general it has everything that I need, I just need to bring something to mind and do it for myself. I bought it more than once after riding it, knowing all its pros and cons, but realizing that it’s all the same Toyota and that if it wasn’t dropped from an auto carrier, then it will serve faithfully for a long time (like my previous Toyotas), and those small shoals that the Internet writes about, those little things that anyone has. absolutely any manufacturer, but for a car for a million, this joint is not as offensive as for a car for 2.5 million ... The main thing is the car is under warranty and everything on it can be fixed within 3 years - beauty!

For me, until now, the biggest drawback is the quality of the painting, its fragility and scratchiness, especially the black color ... I have to often polish what appears ...

When buying a car was equipped with a crankcase, kenguryatnik, sickly thresholds and rear bumper protection. He himself put xenon in the middle (the native halogen simply does not shine), and the Italian parking sensors built into the frame of the number. Further, the car was all glued, incl. I glued it myself under the arches, with the removal of the protection and the plastic protection itself. The floor, doors, trunk and roof were processed, in part, where I got it, a motor shield. Native wooden bridge bys changed to Goodyear tires, all this in the complex gave a good effect of silence and tranquility inside the cabin.

In a specialized company, they installed multimedia for me: Pioneer with a monitor and DVD 7800, with a separate processor and amplifier unit with 6.1 sound, a TV Tuner unit and a "blue tooth" were connected to it, it is clear that all the miserable standard acoustics went to the trash, and it’s really just miserable, like a regular radio tape recorder ... A camera was also installed (embedded above the rear number) for ease of parking. For winter, Danlon Velcro was chosen - I never regretted it.

Everything can now be safely driven and enjoyed. In winter, there are no problems with starting, the engine warms up quickly and warms up the interior, it is very warm and comfortable. Electronics help a lot in winter, corrects, prevents skidding - wonderful! For the city, I think it’s just an ideal car with its “off-road” in autumn and spring. I had no illusions about its cross-country ability, and I don’t like to drive through abyss and mud, and why not. Not for that the car was bought. There is plenty of space for the driver and passengers, there is more than enough trunk space for a trip to the supermarket, there is delivery for everything else! In terms of dynamics: it’s enough for the city, for the track too, and I’m not a racer ...

In general, the car is solid and predictable in everything.

From what was learned over 30,000 runs, it changed the drive (steering wheel cardan) before articulating with the steering rack? It rattled on bumps, the oil seal of the left front drive was sweating, all this was not critical and was quickly replaced under warranty. it was announced along with SLX oil, what else do you need from a machine.

All the negatives are isolated cases that are possible with the brand of any car, otherwise we drive them no less than Coroll and this says something ...

Fuel consumption on the highway: from 8 to 18 liters l/100km

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Oleg-2zz 2022-02-02 (15:34)

Here is my old review. After 2 years ... The car still only pleases with its boringness and predictability ... it drives, drives and drives, changed the racks in a circle by the spring of 2010 after a cold winter, although one right front one flowed, put the "Kayaba" and it did with the collapse 14 000, rub. with work and materials .. I changed the pads and bushings of the stabilizer and all the costs, the rest is only MOT. Slightly improved Shumkov doors and arches front and rear. I changed the acoustics to Focal .. I polished the entire body and covered it with Ditek .. Now it's time to change it to something new, and Rafik takes my wife.

Vasiliy-lohankin 2021-12-26 (09:01)

By the way, since 2006, Rav4 has been coming in a new body and a 2.4-liter engine. That's me, to the question of the quality of the review. Like the Germans rulezzzzzzz, Yapi sucks. Smiled)))

Oleg-r 2021-10-02 (09:01)

As soon as I didn’t clean it and didn’t lubricate it with anything, change the terminal to a gold-plated DAXX, there will be no reaction there and it’s more convenient for additional connections, what for did they make it copper ...?

Tigran 2021-10-01 (09:01)

Has anyone encountered the fact that the negative terminal is overgrown with blue copper oxides on the battery, while there are no electrolyte leaks !? I faced. It is necessary to clean the terminal and pin well. battery and spray HP, you can grease with grease. The main thing is then everything is fine to tighten. The film (oily) not only does not allow oxygen to pass through (without it there will be no reaction), but also electricity.

Alex6 2021-09-22 (09:01)

Indeed, to each his own! For me, TAZ is better than X3 - it's just a parody of X5 ... I wouldn't buy it in my life. Listen to your neighbors less - no one will harass their car - after all, you will have to sell it. What if you are a potential buyer?

Oleg-r 2021-09-19 (09:01)

Andrey, all this can be eliminated (noises), and if you need it to be very quiet, then the question is about 18-20 thousand rubles. Now I have almost complete silence, only the noise from the wheels and the engine from 4500 thousand, it starts to sound somewhere, the most difficult thing is to glue the motor shield, but it's worth it ...

Andreyt 2021-09-11 (09:01)

Well, if you compare RAV, then not with X3, if you saved on X3 in order to equalize the price with RAV, then what would be left of it? RAV4 with 2.0 with an automatic 940 thousand, and X3 with 2.0 with an automatic 1500 thousand - as they say, feel the difference :) My wife has a new RAV4 - to be honest, there are a lot of minuses - the engine is noisy, the front panel creaks, the sound insulation is bad, but everything is relative - in my opinion this is the best offer at a price of up to 1-1.2 million.

2021-09-06 (09:01)

I want to ride raf 4

Oleg-r 2021-09-05 (09:01)

Has anyone encountered the fact that the negative terminal is overgrown with blue copper oxides on the battery, while there are no electrolyte leaks !?

2021-09-04 (09:01)

TO 30 cost 3620 rubles. , including SLX 0W30 4.2L oil and an oil filter, the cabin filter itself changed back in May, there was no longer patience, everything is normal, the pads are 7 mm front and rear. In general, another 10 t.km I can safely ride and enjoy.

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