2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #610

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 2002 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2002
  • SUV
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Mechanical
  • Steering wheel Left

Consumer Report

At that time (and now too) I liked the design, which makes you pay attention to the authority of the auto industry.

Bought Imported from Germany at almost three years of age, and waited 1.5 months to clear customs.

DRIVING PERFORMANCE. Immediately, as I got behind the wheel, I was surprised by the maneuverability - it flew into turns like a sports "tachila" (although now it has become a little worse in this regard due to rubber wear). Along with a pleasant surprise, I also noted the unexpected stiffness of the suspension, although I still consider the ride comfortable. Comparing with her "classmates" came to the conclusion that the suspension is quite decent. Gasoline consumption is also pleasing: HC 12-14.5, depending on the "traffic jams" and the time of year; ZTs - 8-12 (100-150km / h). Permeability deserves praise, however, thanks to the MCP (with automatic transmission on the "SUVs" only on the floor and ride) and the acquired skills. Initially, I did not understand how to pull out of the snowdrifts and sand, but now I "fly" over them. On ice and wet roads, the car makes you succumb to its "mood". That is, due to the uniform distribution of steep. moment, Ravik can behave either as a pre-private, or as a rear-wheel drive car (I had to study her "mood"). I think that the distribution of 45-55 would give a more informative forecast regarding the behavior of the car on slippery surfaces and "drive".

SALON, COMFORT. Sitting behind the wheel of this car is convenient and comfortable. Being in the passenger seat of both the front and rear seats is also not "crap", which cannot be said about many new models (Qashqai, Rav, etc.), in which, sitting in the back seat, you are waiting for a quick arrival to your destination. In appearance, the interior of the cabin cheers up only with its design, the quality of the plastic leaves much to be desired, although its assembly compensates for its flaw. The sixth year has already gone, but there is practically no creaking of plastic, however, for the last 3 months, a "cricket" has been regularly coming to life on the front panel. Noise isolation is insufficient, at speeds over 120 you become a witness to the dialogue of the wheels and the engine, but at the same time you don’t have to talk loudly in the cabin (as in our cars). If you are driving alone, you have to drown out the not very annoying noise from outside the cabin by adjusting the sound volume on the radio, however, the sound quality of which makes you once again ask the question: - "When will Toyota sing differently?" The rear seats are adjustable - this is a plus, but if so, why such a short longitudinal travel is a minus. A big plus is its visibility: forward 5+, backward 4.

In general: the machine is good, of high quality, not whimsical, universal, and most importantly, you want to drive it.

But I'm selling it, because. I want to buy a new car: Outlander, Antara, S-RV or, after all, RAV again. Looking at the prices of these new cars, you wonder if you should buy a 3 or 4 year old Lexus (RX-330), Murano, Tuareg? Don't know...

COSTS during operation:

Stabilizer bushings 4 pcs. - 1500 rub. + work 800 rub.

MCP tail section seal - 1 pc. - 500r. + work 2000r.

Battery - 20000r., BOSCH bought - 2700r. and installed it myself.

Taillight (smashed) - 2700r.

And also - all "consumables" - 14000r.

Full MOT: 14000r.

Fuel consumption on the highway: HZ 12-14.5 ZTs 8-10 l/100km

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2021-11-19 (21:23)

I didn't get any information from the text. From the comments even more so. The only comment that makes sense and that one is complete nonsense.

2021-08-15 (09:01)

The first thing I did with the RAV was to replace the radio. I also wanted to change the speakers, but they turned out to be awesome, I don’t know how it is with left-hand drive wheels, but in right-handed speakers, the standard speakers are superb, you change the head unit and that’s it))

Uce 2021-08-12 (09:01)

water water. what's new?