2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #576

2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #576 - SUV, petrol engine, 2 l., 1 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2002 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2002
  • SUV
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 1 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #576 - SUV, petrol engine, 2 l., 1 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1



Consumer Report

As usual, I post a review after the sale.

Moved from Honda HRV. Being spoiled by all sorts of amenities in stock at right-hand drive, I relaxed and bought it without going into details. After leaving the traffic police after reissuing, I stubbornly searched for 20 minutes for electrically adjustable mirrors, and did not find it :( It turned out that the UAE has the most wooden equipment, without ABS, manual mirrors, glass on "oars", a mayfun cassette without CD, iron disks, even without a central lock! The previous owner installed the central lock and front power windows on his own, everything was non-native and not very well set, I had to tinker :) From the options I installed: roof rails (the crossover doesn’t look without them), rear spoiler with LED stop, alloy wheels from Japan, mayfun with a flash drive and bluetooth, visor, fly swatter and DUNLOP rubber. It has become much prettier. Service staff: changed all the filters, fluids (box, razdatka, gearbox, engine, power steering, tormozuha) and aggregate belt with roller. According to the hodovke: rear stabilizer struts, its rubber bands, rear shock absorbers and even little things like pads, bushings, etc. The engine was clogged by the previous owner (lacquer deposits under the cover), the chain tapped on a cold one, I decided to carry out a "soft" flush, every 5 thousand began to change good, expensive synthetics, after the third shift the pressure lamp lit up and did not go out, the engine was washed, but the oil receiver was clogged. I bought a pressure sensor, changed it - the same eggs, only a side view. I took it to the service station on a tow truck, washed the oil receiver with the removal of the sump - the pressure went off scale :) I was afraid that the Emirati machine would fail with heat in winter - nothing, it’s hot like at the equator, the only thing is that the fan turns on early, so it doesn’t reach operating temperature in winter (I think one of causes of coking, i.e. regular underheating), in principle, was going to be treated by replacing the thermostat and temperature sensor. I didn’t use it in difficult conditions, so foothills, beaches, and curbs, but with steep climbs the engine is not enough, and at the crossroads the whole body groans, there is not enough frame. It jumps very briskly around the city, the dimensions are not much, not a little, it’s not crowded inside, it dives into any gap from the outside. Gasoline eats a little 10-13 liters, and 92 without problems. The trunk is quite enough for a family of 2 + 2 children. What we liked:

rear seats move and backrests are adjustable;

permanent four-wheel drive allows you to move on a demi-season (cutting machine is not the cheapest for 2 sets);

spare parts and service shaft (Toyota :) )

Did not like:

when folding the rear seats, a flat floor is not obtained;


disposable engine;

the box howls with a trolleybus sound on the first one (they say the wear of the planetarium)

Conclusion: you can take and ride without problems after a thorough diagnosis.

To all readers - Good luck on the roads, accident-free travel and trouble-free horses!

P.S. I cheated on the Japanese and switched to the ML320, but this is already a "different song" :)

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 3 miles per gallon (US)
  • 3 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 92 gasoline city 12 l/100 km highway 10 l/100 km l/100 km

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Kerf 2021-11-25 (03:12)

Hello! Can you tell me how you feel after h-rv? I think what to buy just, h-rv or rafa .. Thanks in advance!

2021-11-19 (21:23)

The machine is good. A disposable engine runs as much as a reusable engine with a couple of overhauls. Review funny b ,tcnfkrjdsq , like: "I bought an empty rotten bucket of bolts from the emirates and changed to ML ..."

Dmitriy1985 2021-10-07 (03:12)

The car is crazy! We have owned it for 3 years and we can’t sell it, it won’t start in winter, and it’s a very shitty engine, never met these

Vovchik2 2021-08-15 (03:12)

Z engines are "disposable", because they have an aluminum alloy block and cannot be squandered, but this one-time will run very good. a lot. After 300,000 km.

2021-05-22 (04:12)

Hi!!! I read what was written, grinned. Regarding the box, the same song, the first gear is lame ...... I immediately made a door noise, there was a floor and a ceiling! In terms of consumption, in winter I hawal almost 17 liters ... in summer 12. The wheelbarrow seems to be nothing .. but you need to bring it to mind ..

Al-is 2021-05-14 (04:12)

Kittens are ugly ((I love fluffy ones!

Northwind 2021-05-12 (04:12)

2neloh And what, I wrote somewhere that RAV did not please me?

Eran 2021-05-11 (04:12)

On account of Raf, Gennady completely agrees with you, but what does the kittens have to do with it ???

2021-05-09 (04:12)

I think that Rav is not even a bad car. It's expensive at first, but then you save on parts. pads per.-420r. ass.-330 r. where it is seen. Yes, VAZs (quality) are more expensive! And at the expense of speed, then a maximum of 185 km / h and that's it. no further. even if the wind does not go faster. And the most beautiful kittens are the Canadian Sphynx. Don't believe me look.

Neloh 2021-05-04 (04:12)

wanted a cheaper car? I know!... I know that ML will not please you, according to appetite ...;)

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