2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #572

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 2002 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2002
  • SUV
  • 2 generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left

Consumer Report

Well, I decided to write my review about Rafik.

I bought it two years ago, and also through this site.

I actually forgot to take a picture...

There were restrictions on finances, but I wanted a four-wheel drive car, because. I am an avid fisherman.

I chose the car for a long time, because all of them came across with defects, then the engine worked too noisily, then the “killed” ones came across. I was looking for two months, and then I got a good machine, in excellent condition. Bought for 590 thousand.

After Ford Focus, of course the feeling is super! You sit high, and it goes well on the track, turn on the cruise, cross your legs and go crazy! Yes, and you can drive up to the reservoir without any problems and in almost any weather, I couldn’t do that at the focus and it infuriated me.

Yes, and for gasoline, I poured only 95 into the focus, and I always poured 92 into Rafik, and in terms of consumption, the focus is on average 8.5 liters, and Rafik 10.5 liters, I think that for an all-wheel drive car such consumption is simply nothing, and 92 gasoline is cheaper. (in general, the same costs for gasoline)

Instead of a head unit, I installed a large unit with a DVD and a navigator, I installed a rear-view camera, it is very convenient when you back up, and when you go to nature for several days, you can watch a movie in the evening.

The equipment is weak - no heated seats, no ABS, no foglights, apparently from America all such cars, although cruise control is worth it despite such a weak equipment.

Well, I managed without problems and without these functions. Most importantly, there is a Conder and there is a four-wheel drive.

Because I'm not a racer, 2 liters was enough for me, the machine is accommodating, the automatic gearbox does not blunt, as many complain. True, the suspension is moderately harsh, when you move off the asphalt, of course, it shakes, but the chassis is very strong, and therefore reliable.

Noise isolation is rather weak, they could do something better in a car for that kind of money. But although you get used to it and then it seems like it should be ... :-)))

The rear shelf constantly rattled, removed completely and the problem disappeared.

The trunk is roomy, fishing rods, a boat, sleeping bags, a backpack, in general, everything fishing breaks without any problems, and even transporting something, also without problems, the rear seats are completely pulled out and the place is almost like in a Gazelle!

For spare parts, too, everything is available not expensive, always in stock, and there were no major breakdowns.

For two years I changed the oil in the engine, changed the oil in the box for 80 thousand, the front and rear pads (all the pads cost only 2200 rubles). And I changed the so-called "eggs" a couple of times, the servicemen said that this was their weak point. Yes, and probably did nothing more.

There is only one conclusion: a practical and reliable car, on which you can drive anywhere in any weather.

By the way, I sold it due to the fact that about half a year ago some kind of howl appeared in first gear in a box, like when accelerating a trolleybus, the servicemen said it was a planetarium, but the ride was without problems, like it would outlive us. I didn’t ride to the last, I considered it risky, so as not to get into the loot.

Although I fell in love with this car and have been walking for a month now and I can’t find something like that ...

I wanted a Suzuki Grand Vitara, but they say it’s expensive to maintain, after an all-wheel drive car, the soul just doesn’t lie on cars ..

I’m already thinking of borrowing money and buying in the same body the same Rafik, only fresh 2005.

Good luck to everyone on the road.

Fuel consumption on the highway: highway 9-10, city 12-13 l/100km

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Ezhen 2021-06-19 (04:12)

bought a new car in the cabin in November 2008, satisfied. I agree, he does nothing. Takes great from the place! Very manoeuvrable. I drive at 95, the average consumption on the on-board computer is 9.8. I climbed the fields in winter - the feeling is good. True, when turning on a narrow snowy road, he poked himself into a snow dump on the side of the road and pulled the lower front fog lamp from its place. At the service station they said that the plastic fastening support had come off and it was necessary to glue it to the bumper again. Question - has anyone had a bad experience of this type. If yes, share the technology of correction at home. At the service station, they break up great, and insurers believe that the case is not insured. And the last sentence, in Soviet times, the Latvian "rafik" ran along the roads. Toyota's brainchild is not a successor, I propose to briefly denote "farik" - we do not change the letters (not so important, of course, but this is so out of respect for the typewriter).

Al-is 2021-06-03 (04:12)

review for 4 you need a full jeep with all locks, once a fisherman. for leaking correctly, without waiting for problems-5

2021-06-03 (04:12)

Too bad no pics! 5!

Keystut 2021-06-02 (04:12)


Old-dead 2021-06-01 (04:12)

PPC. Bugoga AFTAR BURNS. .......... Roomy trunk, fishing rods, boat, sleeping bags, backpack, in general, everything fishing breaks without any problems, and even transporting something, also without problems, the rear seats are completely pulled out and the place is almost like in a Gazelle! ..... but the chassis is very strong, and therefore reliable .... ...... consumption 10.5 liters Fall has become :)

2021-06-01 (04:12)

real feedback.

Pilot-tlcp120 2021-05-30 (04:12)

af tar rafik and RAV4 are different cars....

Svyatoy 2021-05-30 (04:12)

For some reason, many people call him a rafik)))) 3.

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