2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #556

2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #556 - SUV, 2 generation, petrol engine, 1.8 l., 1125 horsepower, Front-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2002 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2002
  • SUV
  • 2 generation
  • Petrol engine, 1.8 l., 1125 horsepower
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Right
  • 2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #556 - SUV, 2 generation, petrol engine, 1.8 l., 1125 horsepower, Front-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1
  • 2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #556 - SUV, 2 generation, petrol engine, 1.8 l., 1125 horsepower, Front-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 2
  • 2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #556 - SUV, 2 generation, petrol engine, 1.8 l., 1125 horsepower, Front-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 3
  • 2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #556 - SUV, 2 generation, petrol engine, 1.8 l., 1125 horsepower, Front-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 4
  • 2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #556 - SUV, 2 generation, petrol engine, 1.8 l., 1125 horsepower, Front-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 5



Consumer Report

Hi all! I have owned RAV for 6 months, so it is already possible to judge the car more or less adequately. The previous car was Nissan Bluebird le Grand 2000, QG18, automatic transmission, front wheel drive. In parallel with the RAV, a HARRIER 2000, 4WD, 2.2L, is operated. Therefore, along the way, RAVik will be compared with these cars.

So ... Toyota RAV4, 2002, mileage 160 thousand km. Singaporean, 1.8L, 1ZZ, automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, black, leather interior, 10-disc changer, features: only turn signals in the bumper, fog lights on the rear door. I bought it from my brother after two years of running in the Russian Federation, the car was operated almost before my eyes, so I'm sure of the car! Not beaten by his brother, the oil changed every 10 thousand km, the eggs were changed 2 times, pads, no signs of rust.

Having reseeded from Bluebird to RAV, you immediately feel that you are in a car at least somehow close to a jeep, “I sit high - I look far away”, plus there is no feeling that you are scraping eggs on the asphalt. Landing / disembarking as at home on a chair, do not have to squirm. But the seats are frankly C-grade, neither you really have lateral support, nor normal adjustment (this is in comparison with Kharkiv). With my height of 172 cm, the seat is pushed back almost to the end, people under 2 meters will definitely not sit there! Leather, since childhood I dreamed of it, but now I dream of ordinary fabric - in the summer the ass sticks, in the winter it freezes, this is of course treated with covers and heating, but what for then a leather interior ???

Salon: design and plastic even after Bluebird is complete crap, cheap in appearance and touch, some kind of strong plastic! Panel backlight for an amateur: orange, of course, sets you up for an aggressive driving style, but sometimes you really want to return the backlight from bluebird! But all these shortcomings are covered by one huge PLUS - the transformation of the salon !!! It is so easy for the seats to not be removed and rarely folded up, even the Harrier cannot boast of such a function, and I cursed the Bluebird for that! But it will not work to decompose into a flat bed, or rather, it will turn out, but only the driver's seat, because. under the passenger is a changer, which does not allow the seat to move all the way forward, and again the skin! On this crap, any cape slips - the verdict: it's better to sleep in a tent!!! Another plus is the lights in the cabin, there are three of them in zones: front, back and trunk, but you don’t need a lamp in the trunk - the light doesn’t get below the shelf! Speaking of the shelf, I read in the reviews that it rattles, I don’t have it, and I’m glad about that!

Body: outwardly, the RAV is even nothing - it is not inferior to the same Harrier, but still a European, the one with wide arches looks more solid. The back door confuses me very much - it’s kapets how heavy, but the fasteners are somewhat flimsy in my opinion, imagine what will happen to this door in 5-7 years. Although, who knows … Rear doors: they do not have a latch, it infuriates specifically! Mirrors: large! The rear window does not get dirty, In Kharkov it's a hemorrhoid, I drove a little and that's it, if the gum on the wiper is bad, then the rag is registered! Headlights after bluebird shine at 5, there are no fogs! Instead of them, huge turn signals ...

Engine and gearbox: 1ZZ engine is nothing, but the QG18 on the bluebird made more interesting sounds! 1ZZ pulls perfectly up to 3 thousand per eye, and the consumption pleases: 10-11 liters in city mode, on the highway at a speed of 160 km / h - 8-10 liters. The car rides absolutely on a par with Kharkiv 2.2, 4vd, but nothing more. Bluebird was going much faster. Never let me down in winter. There are 2 minuses under the hood: this is the lack of protection and, as a result, mud to the ears (although the same nonsense is in Kharkiv) and the second: perverts came up with a place for the battery, so to stuff it - you have to try! The machine does not cause any complaints, the switching is soft and timely, on the bluebird it was necessary to actively pedal to push the machine to action! On the track, the engine is frankly not enough!

Khodovka: oh oh oh, well done Japanese here! The hodovka is moderately hard and moderately soft, it doesn’t knock or rattle anywhere, it eats holes specifically, but it’s far from Kharkiv! Ground clearance after bluebird awesome! With the purchase of the RAV, the cross-country trajectory from the Z-shaped bluebird changed to a straight line, it became a pleasure to go for mushrooms! Eh ... even 4vd ... .. yes, and about the wheels now they are 215/70 by 16, I bought 235/60 by 16 for the winter, the disks are the same stampings, the question is: will the wheels work ?????

So … in general, I'm happy with RAVIK, but it would be a little more money to buy Kharkiv, even if older! The car is more suitable for a family with an urban lifestyle and a desire to move a couple of curbs!

P.S. Sorry for the pics, I can't seem to get a better picture!

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 21 miles per gallon (US)
  • 26 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 11l. l/100km

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Ilya 2022-02-17 (23:08)


Konrad 2022-01-24 (03:12)

Great car, I also have such a 2004 hold 5

Sanya148 2022-01-17 (03:12)

I have 215/70/R16 for winter. The narrower, the less they float on the snow. And in the summer, of course, 235!

Sibir-123 2022-01-14 (03:12)

"eh... more 4vd.... yes, and about the wheels are now 215/70 x 16, I bought 235/60 x 16 for the winter, the wheels are the same stampings, the question is: will the wheels work ?????" "<<< and about the wheels now they are 215/70x16, I bought 235/60x16 for the winter, the wheels are the same stamping, the question is: will the wheels work?>>> Quite the opposite. Now they stand in the winter dimension, but bought something that is preferable in the summer. Of course, not critical, but ... asked, answered ... I don’t really understand the purchase of a RAV with a monodrive. Comparison with Kharkov, well, is not entirely correct. This is a different class. Good luck. __________________ ... and RAV 96g.b. E-SXA11W...3S-GE" Ravovod tells you everything is correct. for the winter you need wheels thinner but higher (215/70 is what you need) then the machine will be easier to move. If the disc is under 215, then 235 is better not to put it, since the wheel will go beyond the rim and form a pillow. The consequences are different - worse cross-country ability, - more gasoline, - and the most unpleasant thing is that the stability of the car worsens, the wheels literally float, and with a short RAV4 base, there are already enough drifts. Although everyone has their own driving style and ultimately you choose.

2021-12-29 (03:12)

235 / 60r16 do not put on basins, they will be a house because they are narrow, you need to put 7-inch wheels on this size, in fact this is a European tire size, but the suspension is harsh but not to be killed, I myself have two such rafiks, for 4 years I changed the pads, and eggs , consumption 10 city-8l highway, at a traffic light when I’m standing on D, the engine does not crack, it’s sometimes on 1AZ-FSE and that’s normal because the engine runs on a lean mixture, and everything is fine

Juritshch 2021-12-24 (21:23)

In ten liters it happens and fits. Regarding Bluebird, not objectively! The conclusion about whether this car is "finished" or not can only be made if it happened to operate it.

Baleroendkrakovyaka 2021-12-19 (03:12)

I look equal to my wife, but only the front end, no viscous coupling, then jeep, hold 5

Sanya148 2021-12-16 (03:12)

All the charm of all-wheel drive is felt in winter, when the rises in the city are icy. Rushing like dry! And bypasses single-drive, grinding ice. In addition, several times (in the winter), it was possible to avoid a collision only thanks to the all-wheel drive - for all this I forgive him any expense - health is more expensive. In the summer, I agree, it doesn’t matter on asphalt, even on the front the speaker is better. Now, if we lived in Singapore, then the need for all-wheel drive would be doubtful, but with us, that’s it!

Noty 2021-12-10 (03:12)

If the interior is leather, what does the plastic have to do with it? There, the panel and the doors should all be on the skin. I doubt that I was able to accelerate to 160. And that rushing along with Kharkov is a lie, piz..sh and a provocation. Kharek will only stomp, you will smoke on the sidelines. About 8 liters neighing, RAF swallowed - gasoline absorbs for hello !!!! Well, about bluebird, in general, a joke. Of the Nissans, the lowest in the class is he and a cube - a finished stool, and you compare it with a SUV! Cool!!!

2021-12-07 (03:12)

The machine is good. As for rubber ... 235/60x16 is the native size, so they will go by definition

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