2002 Toyota RAV4 Review #143

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 2002 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2002
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Consumer Report

Good afternoon, I have owned this car for the second year and now I decided to write a review, I have a five-door front-wheel drive rav, with a 1zz engine, I got it not new, but in quite good condition, when I bought it, I replaced all oils and filters, except for fuel. And for almost a year and a half nothing more! Although I travel a lot, in winter it’s winter fishing, in summer the sea often has to move to the dolnyak, I’ll say this, it’s better not to get into specific mud and porridge, although once I had to, I got out without anyone’s help .. seas, fields, primers, not global off-road passes with a bang, no worse than all-wheel drive, that's just deprived of the crap that is associated with the latter. I'm talking about high consumption and fuel D4 (from the beginning I wanted exactly the HP, until I looked like a comrade complains about the engine) the track is just the ideal, on a hundred square meters it ideally enters the turn without any inclinations. Consumption of about 8 track (without pressing on the floor) 10-11 city. I had to travel to another region, the winding at minus 36 went off with a bang. But I have a new Akum, but the capacity is 55. It's enough for him. In the cabin, one is not wealthy, it does not unfold into a flat floor, but the rear seats are removed in a couple of seconds and you can sleep by sliding the front ones, but I lowered the front ones to the floor and also rolled, not very convenient, but it will do. The presence of three cigarette lighters, two of them powerful, just in the subject, any pumps, including Chinese ones, a kettle, a beech, everything is pulled. The place could have been made bigger, but that's okay. Four adults sit comfortably, the fifth will not be very good, but tolerable, I do not advise for long distance. The presence in the trunk of many compartments pleased. Never had any problems with the door. A big plus is that a full wheel in the spare tire, not a banana. The torpedo is simple, without frills, but quite convenient, everything is always at hand, any button or indicator. Lew only 95 alliance, there were no breakdowns for 17 thousand, the main thing is to change the oil and the filter without fail, but, once I bought and installed the candles myself, simple, that's all. The dynamics during acceleration is good, but if you press on the floor, it starts to eat benz. I’ll say it like this, which zz doesn’t eat it .. It’s probably individual for everyone .. I don’t eat the first 3-3.5 thousand after the replacement, then it starts a little, but not critically, 600-700 thousand grams for three four, until the next replacement, conclusion? Change the oil more often.. I only have 5w30 synthetics. I would fill it with thinner, but I'm afraid the mileage is already about two acres, it will suddenly squeeze out of the seals, although it may be in vain. You read everything and start scoring. I’ll also add that my comrade Vdy Rav nevertheless sold it, hesitating to clean the fuel, but I never had to. All the same, it’s not for nothing that Toyota occupies one of the first places in the world, the car is already 17 years old, and there isn’t a piece of rust or rot on it (I looked at Htrely before buying, a completely different picture, even on samples younger than mine) the stove heats up well, the air conditioner cools. In terms of speed, I will say this, up to 120 it accelerates easily, after it is more difficult. But it’s also not the pedal to the floor, I’ll say this, I drove a maximum of 150, 3300-3500 rpm, it was just scary more, you just don’t feel the speed up to 130. What else to say, happy with the car. I also looked at the old polecat, but they dissuaded me .. automatic mats often fly, at 3.0. Here they wrote there are no spare parts for him, I don’t know, I opened the Internet, as much as you like, you want Taiwan, you want contract, but you want new orders from Japan. In general, the machine itself is for Vlad, the dead roads just stopped noticing and slowing down at every hole. The suspension is stiff, but quite reliable. I have never climbed there, but, I note, I carefully try to drive, not to wring out the car ... You can kill an armored personnel carrier if you wish ... In general, something like this, dear comrades, I hope someone will need a review

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