2001 Toyota RAV4 Review #312

2001 Toyota RAV4 Review #312 - SUV, petrol engine, 2 l., 4204150 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 2001 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2001
  • SUV
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 4204150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left
  • 2001 Toyota RAV4 Review #312 - SUV, petrol engine, 2 l., 4204150 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1
  • 2001 Toyota RAV4 Review #312 - SUV, petrol engine, 2 l., 4204150 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 2
  • 2001 Toyota RAV4 Review #312 - SUV, petrol engine, 2 l., 4204150 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 3



Consumer Report

Good afternoon! The next review will be about Toyota.

And so, having sold the refurbished seed, for almost two months we puzzled over what to buy. I did not want to take a new car. these are immediately additional costs (signaling, winter tires, maintenance at the officials, etc.). I want to note that in the C class this has become a very significant amount. Well, then they heard from a friend that he was selling a 2001 Toyota Rav 4. We drove his car more than once, in general, the impressions were very pleasant. As a result, this comrade refused to sell the car at the last moment, which caused a lot of disappointment. After that, I began to glance and this class of car. As a result, we found an advertisement for a similar RAV made in 2001. c 2 liter petrol engine, 4 speed automatic, 150 hp, air conditioning and everything seems to be. Of dopov stood Italian HBO. Let's go, look, in general, the car arranged and we bought it for 440 tr.

First impressions were more than pleasant. Machine pleased in everything. On gas, of course, the pearl is a little weaker than on gasoline, but still quite confident.

1. CONTROL. In general, it drives well. You get used to the car quickly. The ride is not stressful. The city goes very well, the start from the traffic light frisky. Not to say that the car immediately immediately follows the wheel, but it does not blunt either. In general, management is exactly what I expected. I had such a case, I went somewhere in the winter in the private sector, a girl in a passenger car met me. As a gentleman, I pulled off the road a little in order to let me through, well, I climbed into a snowdrift myself. As a result, having started to get out, I dug in so much that I could not be pulled out either by a Kruzak or a Kia Sorento. Three cables broke. The car lies rooted to the spot in a snowdrift. I had to call a tow truck. As a result, it is worth noting the following - the more a fool’s car passes, the deeper he will get stuck on it.

2. SUSPENSION. Rigid in moderation. Of course, there is nothing to even compare with the seed. In general, typical toytovskaya. On a good road, it rides softly, on bumps almost like all cars.

3. DYNAMICS. On the track at 120-140 goes perfectly like a glove. After 140 is not so comfortable. I accelerated to 155 km / h, I didn’t go further, but there is definitely a reserve. Overtaking is confident, or rather you feel the car. As soon as there is a stock, she will overtake. And so, at least to the floor, drown the pedal, at least do something, the car will not even roar. It just rides at low speeds and you yourself feel that you are not pulling. By the way, I read before that the machines are wildly stupid, and so on this machine the delay was sometimes 1-2 seconds, but in general you don’t notice it. In general, in terms of dynamics, the impressions are very pleasant for a 2001 car.

4. VIEW. The classic, in my opinion, the most pleasing to the eye body is equal to 4. If I'm not mistaken, this is a 2 or 3 body. In short, I still like him the most. Inside the salon is a rag, some kind of atomic conder, you freeze through completely. 4 windows and dowry native Japanese radio and regular speakers. I immediately threw the radio tape recorder to hell, put a small cheap 2 Dinov Mystery. It more or less breathed life into a dull look. Having left a little, I bought Kix's front speakers, it seems, 25 W each, threw the old ones there, turned off the speakers in the rear doors and, lo and behold, the musical background just changed phenomenally. True, there were gaps between the radio and the panel. The price of the frame is 3000, well, very expensive. As a result, two symmetrical plugs were cut out of plastic, carbon vinyl was glued on and glued to double-sided tape. Just a miracle. Next was the desire to put the on-board computer for information (it was missing). But I didn’t want to put a cheap one, but more or less for a rav with the installation, it cost a penny. Therefore, zhlobstvo prevailed, and probably not really needed. There was also no trunk shelf, at first it didn’t soar for me, but after a while I began to put the car in order. For the officials, this regiment cost space money, I don’t even remember how much. I got out of the situation in the following way - I had a good carpenter at work, and so, having stolen a sheet of plywood with him for a couple, with a thickness of roofing felts 6, roofing felts 8 mm, he took measurements and began to tinker. A few days later the regiment was ready. I bought a carpet and we sewed it. The result, the shelf stood up perfectly, just like a native. The only negative was that the car narrowed to the roof and it was not possible to insert it normally without problems. You'll tear out all your nerves. Too bad I didn't take a picture of her. In general, the machine put in order, now it was nice to look at it.

5. SAFETY. Don't know. Thank God there was nothing like that to check.

6. SERVICE. Took with a range of almost 100,000 km. After buying as usual changed the filter, fluid, candles. As it turned out, the fuel filter was changed in vain, it is almost like new. I and who changed were surprised. After 4 months there was a buzz in the cabin. The wheel bearing went off. Replacement of the whole unit assembly. The price in free sale is 7500 in any store in Samara, friends got it for 5500 (original by the way). For comparison, the Opel Astra analogue cost 16,000. Well, there was also a problem with the trunk, the lock stuck and did not close. Considering that it was January 6, the car loaded before the trip to the camp site, except for how to bring down the officials, did not come up with anything. The result was the replacement of the lock and the loss of 4 hours of time and 6,000 rubles in the Toyota Center Aurora. Back in the summer, the native battery somehow sat down (it seems that Varta stood for more than 10 years, this is a very decent service life. I replaced it with something domestic in the region of 4000 rubles). After that, nothing broke for a year and a half. Well, in 2013, as soon as we started thinking about changing cars, HELL began. At first, the signaling began to blunt, it did not close the driver's door (I found the minimum wage with the installation of 5500), plus the replacement of closing locks (7500 each plus work). Immediately inside, the clips on the front doors suddenly burst (3300 with work). Wife somehow managed to pull the key out of the ignition in the turned state. The ignition lock flew (in Samara there were no specialists capable of diagnosing this breakdown, which diagnoses were not made with a price of 15,000 to 45,000). Further more, the passenger door and fender turned out to be broken, the paint peeled off (well, it's my own fault, I should have looked better when buying). At speed, the car began to vibrate. Diagnosis of mechanics - cardan shaft (replacement with work 40000). And finally, the machine began to crumble (only a replacement, the price is about 200,000). This is where I got a bit of a kick. In short, the skillful specialists did the following - soldering the signaling (one of the two key fobs was made), something was cheated with the ignition switch (the car started to start without problems), the closing locks were replaced with Kalinov ones for 3000 rubles, a cable was tightened in the box. In general, this pre-sale preparation came out in my opinion at 14,000 rubles, and the guarantee for it was given no more than 3 months. We did not expect to sell cars for decent money. We thought they would run away from us. As a result, outbid came and, in my opinion, took her for 300 TR. I don’t know how it turned out for him, but if he didn’t find the poor fellow who would buy it, I think he himself stuck with it from the bottom of his heart. And one more important aspect, the car ate rubber during the season. It was necessary to make a collapse. Given the age of the car, the breakup bolts and adjacent fasteners had to be changed. The price of the issue is not particularly, but as far as I understand, the work there is not for one day (drilling bolts, etc.). In the Samara handicraft services, no one wanted to take on this, so my hands did not reach.

Summing up, I will say the following - the car as a whole is good and practical. Given the interest of many people in old SUVs, I want to advise the following:

if you decide to take it, be sure to go to a good service for diagnostics. To hell with the paintwork and the body, I think this is secondary. Specifically, check the machine (MANDATORY !!! The most expensive part), external electronics in the cabin (since many people actually have it killed, and few people look at it when buying) and be sure the suspension (The suspension can just be killed on Samara roads for a minimum amount of time I understand that when inspecting a car, no one will allow it to accelerate to 100 km / h, but nevertheless, keep in mind that these are parts comparable in amount to the cost of the car.

No photos, sorry in advance.

Fuel consumption on the highway: Gasoline 12.4 l., Gas 14 l. l/100km

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X111 2022-03-27 (17:19)

The owners have their hands out of their asses, and only the strength of the car is enough for both *****, in general - no wonder. Here they compared the salon with viburnum, tazodrochers, take viburnum for yourself, well, they compared their buckets with the legend of those years. A car is good if the owners took care of the car and did not neglect attention and maintenance. The author just took the ear. Lada needs what it needs, but nothing is needed - it will rot like that, and not everyone can own such a car. How it bombed from the ears.

Max787 2022-03-27 (17:19)

And what, the salon at the second Ravchik is the limit of perfection? :)))

Genua 2022-03-17 (17:19)

I own Rafik 2004 for 7 years. Probek 200 tons, for the last 20 tons I changed the automatic transmission Bu with a guarantee of half a year 80r, suspension, almost all, original 60r, cardan new 35r. The automatic transmission, through its own fault, jammed the pallet. Rubber winter summer 50. Well, little things. I'm planning on going 100 more.

Eduard 2022-03-10 (17:19)

Nothing like you have price tags on the mainland!!! Or is it an overpayment for the left hand drive? For 5.500 we (Yakutia) can change the hubs in a circle, and this is with work. Automatic transmission-200.000? Did you misspell the zeros? Korobas with delivery from Vladivostok and installation, maximum 25.000. I won’t say anything about locks and clips, you can count them as consumables. That is why pruli are popular in the Far East and here in Yakutia.

Max787 2022-03-10 (17:19)

You just forgot to clarify that all spare parts will be used :)))

Mike-spb 2022-02-22 (17:19)

The seat is flat, the cushion is short, the steering wheel is not adjustable for reach, the number of settings is limited - hence 90% of people will not be able to get comfortable on this car and their legs, arms, backs and so on will become numb. Go to the RAV4 forum of the second generation and tell the owners about hemorrhoids and about 95 gasoline, on which 4 liters are immediately minus ... That their backs are all crooked, and yours is straight. And you don’t need to believe me, I personally drove this car myself. What you write does not correspond to reality. I have had many cars. From Volga to Mercedes. Each machine has its own + and -. Everything is known so well about the RAV4 of the second generation that it is foolish to deny the disadvantages that have been known for many years and which cannot be hidden.

Max787 2022-02-22 (17:19)

Tucson, Sportazh, Santa Fe of the first generation in 2010 cost more than this Rava per hundred square meters. But the cars were fresher for years and better. Really better in terms of performance. Toyota is the cheapest? Oh well :)))

Max787 2022-02-22 (17:19)

Don't mislead people. 5000r is far from the original. If we are talking about the Opel Astra H. Febest, optima, nakayama cost this money. SKF costs from 6500r approximately. Here it is just the original, if I don’t confuse anything :))) And the original, i.e. s / h in the Opel box, costs 2-3 times more than the above companies.

Max787 2022-02-22 (17:19)

That is, Tucson is sadder than Rava of the second generation? :)))

Max787 2022-02-22 (17:19)

I'm shocked. Have you been to the garages?

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