2000 Toyota RAV4 Review #606

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 2000 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 2000
  • SUV
  • 2 generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Right

Consumer Report

In the spring of 2007, after persistent requests from his wife, he decided to buy a vehicle for her, and at the same time he benefited for himself, since the transportation of family members and close relatives to the country house and other places was quite burdensome, due to the lack of free time.

My wife asked me to buy a red Toyota Kami, because she liked her as "small and red", but she was resolutely denied this (literally: "only go to the store for bread in such a car").

The decision on which car to buy was made only by himself, based on the main principle - reliability.

I myself have been driving for more than 10 years, and at that time I killed Vista in the back of a Camry SV 35 (behemoth), they are all 4 HP.

For me, there are two car companies in Japan, TOYOTA and NOT Toyota, so there was no choice - Toyota.

Since I didn’t pull the money out of the “SUVs”, I chose through a friend RAV4 at an auction in Japan, the equipment is indicated above), which, after a two-month wait, cost 17,000 dead American presidents.

I have heard about the D-4, but my principles are: "do not go to the technique and it will not let you down"; "change the oil without waiting for 5 thousand mileage along with the filter and air filter" and "the car requires care" did not prevent you from choosing just such an internal combustion engine and, in fact, the review is more about it.

Immediately after registration, I drove it onto a lift and it turned out that the razdatka oil seal was leaking, it was immediately replaced for a few hundred rubles, no other problems were found.

The power and acceptance of the RAV was enough for the wife to drive around the city and not drag in the stream of cars in the tail. Saam tried it and the impressions are as follows: in a straight line it is quite briskly up to 100 km / h, then there is a lack of power, but the vehicle was not bought in order to "insert" charged Imprezas and other bollides. If there are two more people in the car besides the driver, then the power is clearly not enough on the rise and you have to put pressure on 2/3 of the "slipper", the speed is 2.5-3 thousand.

Once "drowned" up to 140 km / h., Nothing frightened, except for the tachometer needle of 3.5 thousand revolutions.

I myself drive according to the principle "not higher than 3 thousand", then - THIS IS BAD, both for the internal combustion engine, and for the driver, passengers and other road users. Soundproofing for three.

In winter, I set the autostart mode on the alarm after the temperature drops below minus 10 degrees. The frequency is no more than 2 hours and there were NO problems with starting in the morning.

Gasoline AI 92, now we feed AI 95, we now have it for 31 rubles, but this is what the DVSoved advised.

I put a studded "Cooper-Master" for the winter, since we have ups and downs in our city, and it’s calmer for me and my wife. RAV confidently walks both on loose and wet snow, but NOT DEEP (up to half the wheel), the wheels are standard for 16. I didn’t drive it into a rut (the wife drives, but she is severely punished - I’m not sure, go around the other way).

Once, somewhere at work, she got stuck in a snowdrift, called, told a terrible story. I could not come, I advised to turn to the help of colleagues.

As I thought, a male colleague, according to her: "I waved my spatula twice and I left."

Now about the terrible D-4.

The mileage was 110 thousand, so I immediately replaced the candles with new ones and Japanese ones (just Japanese ones).

Candles on this internal combustion engine (I don’t remember exactly) are “erlidium” or something else.

After replacing the spark plugs, nothing has changed.

At the end of winter, I discovered a leak in the hydraulic pump belt tensioner.

I ordered it, changed it and at the same time checked the chain tension.

It was after this that the well-known "SWIMMING TURNS" began.

I turned to "Ivanych", who, for two rubles and half a day of work, made a complete analysis of the internal combustion engine, adjusted the speed and gave a conclusion: the internal combustion engine is alive, the injection pump presses perfectly, there are no problems. Turnovers floated, because the computer went astray when the battery was disconnected.

There are no more problems with the ICE.

I think the only drawback is noisy work (there is a chain and you can hear it when you stand nearby).

At the end of spring, I saw that grease appeared from under the anthers of the flax (front), and this is a sign that the part needs to be replaced.

Bought and replaced both front and rear sheds

At the beginning of the summer, for the purpose of prevention, I replaced the silent blocks on the front levers (the old ones were torn), I put polyurethane ones.

My wife travels every day, to and from work, about 30 km a day, sometimes more.

The vehicle is operated only in the city, for this it was purchased.

At first, the wife was afraid of the size, the five-door body seemed huge to her, but over time she got used to it and now you can’t pull it out from behind the wheel.

I don’t operate the vehicle myself, I just monitor the condition (change oil, filters, etc.), so the review is, as it were, from the outside and more about the HORRIBLE D-4.

If anyone is afraid of the D-4, then I dare say that the ICE is good in its own way, but it requires attention (this is not 3C) and care.

And I don’t change my principles (I was raised by the right father): “don’t get into technology and it won’t let you down”; "change the oil without waiting for 5 thousand mileage along with the filter and air filter (at the same time I pour semi-synthetics 5V30)" and "the car requires maintenance" and after a year of operation I can say that the D-4 is not the same as it is described by teapots and those who, opening the hood, make a smart face and say "Yeah", while they do not know which reservoir to fill with brake fluid.

There is no photo, since the vehicle is for operation, and not for a photo gallery.

Fuel consumption on the highway: summer: 10-11 years old; winter 11-14 years l/100km

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Dmitry_54 2021-09-27 (09:01)

How long has it been without replacing the injection pump?

Ravovod 2021-09-25 (09:01)

Andrew never rush to give recommendations if you do not own the issue. Here is a part of, let's say, very controversial of your judgments. And why is it bad? Try to explain to yourself. Or somehow otherwise - iridium. <... angry for the omentum (this applies to consumables)> So you can attribute the entire engine to consumables :) No offense. Nice car, good luck.

342314 2021-09-24 (09:01)

Went through half a car and "do not climb will not let you down." Tell me that oak from which you collapsed in order to constantly repair the car and be happy. I started to sweat on Rava for 70 thousand - an oil seal on the steering wheel, I'm angry. And by the way, I have not seen polyurethane suspension. Where did you take it?

Avtor 2021-09-24 (09:01)

Permanent repairs do not consider the replacement of what is to be replaced. If you get angry for the omentum (this applies to consumable materials), then no nerves will be enough. I pointed out "the machine requires care", and this includes prevention. There is a polyurethane "Fulcrum" on sale, but it is not for this particular model. I took off the old one, brought it to the store, picked up the size and put it on.