1997 Toyota RAV4 Review #9

1997 Toyota RAV4 Review #9 - SUV, 1 generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 135 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1


  • 1997 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 1997
  • SUV
  • 1 generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 135 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Right
  • 1997 Toyota RAV4 Review #9 - SUV, 1 generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 135 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 1
  • 1997 Toyota RAV4 Review #9 - SUV, 1 generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 135 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 2
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Consumer Report

Part 1.

Why Rafael?

In the spring of last year, I had an understanding of the need for a second car in the family (the first

), because children had to be transported to sections, while I left for work in the morning. Plus, I needed a car in which I can safely go fishing out of town. The car is passable, with normal clearance, not expensive, hassle-free, on which it is not a pity to get into the mud, snow, sit in dirty clothes, shoes, scratch, etc.

Why am I describing the whole background of the acquisition of RAV4? It just seems to me that every motorist before buying a car has a certain stage when he chooses, and it is precisely this choice in favor of one car that matters, including for those who have not yet made this choice. When you read reviews that contain information why the next owner decided to buy this particular car, what conclusions and conclusions he made when choosing a car, you find some answers to your internal questions.

And so, the budget is 250-300 tr. Four-wheel drive, gasoline, crossover. The presence of an alarm and 2 sets of tires is ideal, because. I didn't want to go over budget.

After scoring these parameters, I saw a few cars that meet my Wishlist. These are Uaziks, Niva, Escudo 92-95, Pajero 89-92, Pajero mini, junior, IO, Honda CRV of the first generation, Jimniki, Terios kid (Cami). Moreover, Japanese cars are in very limited quantities. Uazikov and Niv a little more choice.

And then I again all my free time began to read reviews in the drome. Thank you for being))).

It's good that there are up-to-date reviews on old cars, and this is the main reason why I decided to share my opinion. Because the review on the cars of the 90s, made 15 years ago, is not entirely applicable to our time.

I did not own the Russian auto industry, but due to the very meager choice of the Japanese, I began to read reviews about the Niva. UAZs were excluded by me, because. the wife also had to drive this car if necessary, and it is not at all urban. She could ride a Niva, but I didn’t imagine her driving an Oise at all.

After reading more than a dozen reviews about the Niva, the conclusion was short: the car is normal, but it requires constant attention to the technical part. Which, in principle, is possible, but with a warm, spacious garage and free time. I had neither one nor the other.

The real "rogues" from the list of contenders are Escudo and Jimny. Jimny is expensive, well, it's really small. I read a lot about Escudo, because. always had the feeling that this is a very reliable and strong car. And when I thought about what I needed (for fishing and around the city), Escudo was the first thing in my thoughts.

Well, when you read reviews, they are somewhat reminiscent of reviews about Niva. Everything is fine, it goes everywhere, but here is the radiator, even the engine is eating oil, the electrics have glitched, etc. This is of course normal for a car that is about 30 years old. It has a lot of advantages and I understand all Escudo lovers, and for me it was still the number 1 contender!

Read reviews about Pajero mini. Everything seems to be nothing, but a small engine size and little space. Basically considered 3-door cars.

There were few petrol Padzheriks, I didn’t want a diesel, although no, yes, and then I looked at Terrano, Bighorns, Surfs (old with old ones), but still did not dare to consider them. Good gasoline Padzheriki year commercials 95 already cost outside of my budget.

My budget included only IO (there were no juniors for sale). Judging by the reviews, the car is not bad, just look for Dzhiday (GDI). IO met all my needs: gasoline, 4WD, moreover, plug-in and well-proven on older brothers - Super select, high ground clearance, quite roomy, normal engine size. It was contender number 2.

For me, there were no more contenders for the title of the second universal car until I expressed my thoughts about the need for a second car to my wife and until we began to look at those cars that were on sale in Chita and placed in my "favorites". And I immediately told my wife that they would be killed externally, painted, with a smelly interior (for me, the main thing was the good technical condition of the engine, gearbox and hodovka) cars.

The first car we looked at was the 5-door IO because it was nice on the outside and therefore more suitable for us in the eyes of our beloved))). Everything interested me. The size of the cabin, trunk, ground clearance, engine, hodovka, how it rides, comfortable driving or not, etc. My conclusion on the brand: outwardly it looks decent, the interior is of a normal size, there is a trunk. It’s comfortable to sit behind the wheel, but I didn’t like the particular instance that we watched, how it rides. The steering is heavy, there is not enough traction, the engine is loud.

We watched another AI, but he was simply doused with paint, his wife did not even get out of the car. If there was a worthy copy, then perhaps I would take it. But there were no more than 5 doors.

The second car 5-door Escudo 1992. The salon seemed to me a little smaller than that of IO, but the trunk is larger. The particular instance I was looking at was in a deplorable aesthetic state, so my wife distanced herself from viewing it. The front bumper was missing, in the cabin both front door cards (upper part) were torn, the handles were torn off, etc. I rode it and I liked how it rides, although it was 1.6 liters. It cost 250 tr, to bring it to a decent condition, it was necessary not less than 100 tr. invest.

Watched another red 5-door 1.6. l., but also in a deplorable state. The car is good, but it's almost impossible to find a decent one for sale. In fact, if you buy for 250 tr, change the engine, generator, starter, put the walker in order, shamanize the interior, then you still need at least 100 tr.

Looked one 2.5 liters. 1997. It looks, of course, more modern than the old Escudos. The wing pads are cute. Reading the reviews allowed me to conclude that they are oil eaters. I rode it and now I didn’t like it at all (the specific instance that I watched). The thrust is even worse than that of the 1.6 liter, it strums all over, rattles. The owner was ready to bargain to tears, but I had no desire to take it even.

One looked Vitara year 2000 like. I read reviews about left-handed Escudo and Pinin (Pajero IO), and in addition to what they write about right-hand drive cars, this is, of course, corrosion. I naively hoped that the Vitara that I watched was operated exclusively in the Trans-Baikal Territory. No, the miracle did not happen - rotten arches, rotten sills, boiled and already rotten attachment points of the front struts.

From viewing 3-door cars, I refused, because. there really isn't much room for them. Everything! Again the question arose of what to take.

The next options were the first generation Honda CRV and the RAV4. I started reading reviews on CRV, I realized that there were few worthy copies and their prices were already closer to 400 tr, but 4WD options were up to 350 tr. (I hoped for bargaining) were still there. The only significant minus that I picked up from the reviews of the Dromovites is mushrooms.

The first CRV, which we saw in silver, was sold by a classmate of his wife (we found out when we met). And to a direct question whether there is corrosion, we received a direct answer that the whole bottom is reddish, because. car from Novosibirsk. In all other respects, the car was in chic condition (lips made up). The interior is clean, the engine is clean, it works decently. I rode it and I liked it. Spacious interior, peppy engine, gearbox switches smoothly. We agreed that if he doesn't sell it today, he'll give it to us cheaper. Sold.

Next, we looked at 2 or 3 more CRVs and all had rotten rear arches, or sills, or other places. And these were all our cars, they did not go to the west. Apparently, indeed, they are prone to corrosion in certain places. But I liked the car.

Began to read reviews about RAV4, tk. now the question arose to look for more money for a normal CRV or try to find a ravchik.

Of course, I was interested in the issue of patency. On the issue of reliability here, everyone has their own opinion, but I tend to Toyota. Honda really hooked on the size of the cabin, view and driving performance. After reading the reviews in terms of cross-country ability (and here people really had a choice between these machines more than once), I realized that the RAV4 goes far ahead. It is clear that these are not jeeps and serious off-road is not about them. But watch videos about ravchiki - they ride well!

And if you nevertheless draw a generalizing conclusion from all the reviews that I have read, where people have a question of choosing between these two cars, RAV4 is in the lead.

But if you look at which cars on the street in Chita are more, then this is CRV (the observation concerns only the first generation of these cars). There are also more ads for sale in the drome CRV. Where are all the ravchiki first generation? Rolled out? Unclear. Maybe they just imported less.

Began to look RAV4. The first ravchik that we saw was on the mechanics. Just walked around, sat, listened to the engine. Well, nothing such a machine, Toyota, like Toyota. Engine 3s, simple as 3 pennies. I didn't even ride it.

The second on the machine, not ready for sale either. As it is, as it is driven every day. I rode it and I liked how it rides. A specific instance was podushatan part of the hodovka, everything rattled, creaked, etc., but the engine is peppy, rides with dignity, rulitsya well.

The third is white with a gray bottom, pink and gray stickers on the sides, 1997. Plain old RAV4. Mileage is about 390 thousand km. (which is quite possible). Cosmetics are normal (the putty has not fallen off anywhere), fresh traces of paint are not visible, the stickers are all in a deplorable state from age. According to the owner (before him), there was a little bit in the back, the rear door was changed (which, in principle, is visually visible), knocked down the dog (replacing the radiator, bumper, headlights). The salon is dirty, the ceiling is smoky, the engine is working fine, they recently did a major overhaul. AKP switched without kicks. The price in the drome is 300 tr. The owner immediately agreed to throw up to 250 tr. money was needed.

We left and decided to think. While driving home, my wife and I agreed that he (Ravchik) is not rejecting, he is normal, and for the discount offered, we can put him in order a little. Phoned the owner and offered to call on the diagnosis. Cosmetics were checked at the station, and indeed, it turned out to be all in its original paint, except for a small nickel on the front fender near the arch and the rear right fender, above the headlight (the consequences of the accident indicated by the owner). On the bottom, too, everything was in order, which surprised even the station employee. According to the suspension, only the front struts needed to be replaced. And it was necessary to change the oil in the automatic transmission, which was also announced by the owner during the initial inspection. In fact, the inspection at the station did not reveal anything new, all the necessary urgent investments, and the operation history was announced by the owner. Thank you for your honesty (at least in this case)! On the same day (06/27/2021) the ravchik changed the owner. And we named him Rafael.

Part 2.

First investment.

The car was with an alarm, the owner gave a set of winter tires (season 2 can still be driven), gave the rear gear bought, but not yet delivered (according to his words, my native buzzed, although I did not hear it).

The first thing they drove to the sink and did dry cleaning with the removal of the ceiling. I wanted to tear off my native stickers, but I understood that traces would remain, because. faded paint. A specialist turned out to be at the sink, who agreed to make new inscriptions for us (we chose the color red-gray, instead of pink-gray). Ordered EVA floor mats. Initially, there were no such plans, but since there was money left, and it was planned to drive a car, including to work, and, if necessary, to carry children, I wanted to make it pleasant to get into the car.

The oil in the engine, automatic transmission was changed, new A-pillars were bought and installed. Flew with racks. I did not want to take Kayaba, which cost from 5500 to 7000 rubles. for one and took some SSP for 4300 rubles. (saved, damn it). I didn’t like them, they hold rather weakly and tap, although they were leaving for the winter. I read later what people write and, apparently, it’s better to take something more original for the ravchik, because it’s a kind of suspension after all (feelings below).

Along the way, I replaced the anthers and put 2 cm spacers on the front. I wanted to raise my face a little (there is no protection, the box is low). Plans to put metal protection. I changed the rear pads, because. creaked. I wanted to change the rear gear immediately, because. was, but he did not fit. Later I bought another (contract) and changed it with a back cushion (it was torn).

Found and bought the original kengurin with foglights and put the roof rack.

The front window did not work! I forgot! Exactly. Contract motors cost from 2500, their replacement was 1500. The toad crushed me. And I also doubted that the motor was dead, because. he opened and closed 1 cm glass, as if something was in the way.

Watched videos on net. Since it was summer, I decided to get confused myself. The day is longer, you can mess around on the street. There was an assumption that this is a cable. I dismantled the door, took out the mechanism, saw that the cable was gathered in places (a couple of threads were torn off). I cut off all the torn metal threads, tried it - all the same. After parsing the motor, the brushes were in question. Because I didn’t really want to bother with a cable, I decided to change the brushes first. I bought Zhiguli ones, went to the TV workshop, asked to solder the contacts - a total of 360 rubles. Sharpened, installed, does not work. I had to take the wires off. I traveled a number of stores selling spare parts for motorcycles, drove equipment, but bought it at a hardware store for a penny (I don’t remember the thickness, I looked visually). I bought a couple of bosses in the same place (for attaching cables). I measured, cut off, fixed the bosses, lubricated, connected the contact and it all worked. The motor moved up and down the rail. Collected the door, everything works. The price is about 500 rubles.

Then he removed the cards from all the doors and greased the cables.

Total invested about 40t.r. including paid work and excluding the cost of the kenguryatnik and trunk.

Part 3


This is a classic of the 90s of the Japanese auto industry and a kind of breakthrough, because. the first car in its class (crossover, SUV). Permanent honest four-wheel drive is a thing!

Salon, of course, small (albeit a 5-door). There is enough space in front, but with the front seat pushed back, there is practically no legroom. The trunk is normal.

The seats are quite comfortable. The backs of the second row fold down, and you get a fairly large trunk. In general, Rafael is really small, and ordinary cars of the Corolla class are longer in the parking lot. The muzzle is sad, like that of a naughty puppy, that's why I wanted to put a kengurin to give a more brutal expression. It looks like the hood is kind of short. Although the blanket for the winter was taken in medium size.

Outwardly, he is such an amateur. It does not catch the eye at all, well, it does not cause disgust. Kengurin and trunk gave him charm. Of the above machines (Escudo, IO and CRV), it seems to me that he is the smallest, although he did not compare the dimensions.

It's fun to ride it. That's cool. He is such a nimble person, where I want to go, where I want to squeeze through. The windshield is close and you are taking part in traffic on the road. You are sailing on Noah, they are taking you, but on Raphael you are going yourself, you feel it.

Very stiff suspension seemed on it in comparison with Noah. And he was originally like on chocks, albeit new racks. They told me that maybe the wheels were pumped over (he didn’t guess at first, horror). Looked in nete normal pressure 1.8-1.9. Kapets. I immediately came across a couple of articles where people also suffered from pumped wheels on the RAV4. I drove to the tavern - from 2.3 to 2.5 wheels. I bled to 1.9 and it really became softer. Live and learn. You can download 2 and a little more on it. If you drive only on asphalt, then generally the norms. On good asphalt, it goes great on 1.9. But where there are hard joints or pits, it is better not to pump. I diagnosed the suspension several times, but everything is normal, apparently design features. You get used to such a hodovka, but when you change from car to car, you feel the rigidity.

The 3s motor works like a 3s motor. A bit noisy. Oil eats up after driving on the highway, does not eat in the city.

When I decided to change the candles, I found oil in one well. I watched the video and decided to change the seals, put the well on the sealant and immediately change the valve cover gasket. I drove into the garage to my father-in-law, because. It was already autumn and everything changed in an hour.

The box works fine, it drags a little on the cold from 1st to 2nd. And some time after acquiring a car, when you turn on the reverse speed to a hot and turned steering wheel, a kick occurs. I have read many articles about this. Changed in connection with this rear gear, pillow (wrote above). This situation has become less and less common, although it may have coincided with a change in ambient temperature (winter was approaching).

When I changed the bulbs in the instrument panel (the backlight of the stove switch and the high beam did not burn), I found that there was no bulb on the OD sensor. He pulled out the lamp with ABS (it was off and the sensor was constantly on) and put it on the OD socket. After some time, after I went, she started flashing! Tough problems in the automatic transmission (someone turned off the lamp). Reading the error code for a car of such years is not difficult. A paper clip in the contacts under the hood and count the flashes (there was experience with reading engine errors on Vista). Code 44 - Rear output shaft speed sensor. Judging by the information, he is in f ... ne and it is not so easy to change him. While we drive like this, heat will come, I will tinker.

Consumption is no secret to anyone, of course, but I'm talking about mine - summer 11-14 l / 100 highway / city. On the highway I drive no more than 110 km / h. He will go and more, but even sorry for him. Winter 14-17 l/100. Lots, but predictable. Four-wheel drive, plus warming up in the winter before the trip.

There was nowhere to put Rafael for the winter, so he lives in the yard. When the temperature dropped to -24, it somehow wound up, so I bought a new battery. Candles changed, under the hood auto blanket and he survived the winter. It's the beginning of March. And let me tell you, he surprised me. From the end of December to the end of February, night (morning) temperatures were exclusively in the range from -32 to -37, during the day on average - 25. I did not set automatic heating. All night just stood in the yard. In the morning or in the afternoon, when it was necessary to go, they simply started it from the remote control, and it started up! In early February, they left the city for a week, arrived and he started up with a key. The first time! The temperature in the morning for several days reached -37!

It has not yet been possible to test Rafael more or less seriously off-road (well, it was not planned), but I can drive to those places where I need to without any problems. Several times there was a trip in summer and winter to the lakes, we have little snow, but the relief of access roads leaves much to be desired. And now I don’t bother at all: we load, sit down and go. We go to the shore of the reservoir in the summer and along the entire lake along and across in the winter. Rafael is what I wanted to get from the second car.

Part 4


If someone has the same question (choice) between the above car brands, I will say the following. If you find a good copy of Eskudik, IO, CRV, then you can take it. If really subjectively everyone likes this or that car, then you can take any. All these cars are good and all of them will have their troubles. These are old cars, but maintainable, reliable.

I bought a RAV4 and I really like it. I have not regretted my choice. He's kind of soulful. At first, the children only wanted to ride on it, although it was crowded and there was no telly))). Really, the old cars had their own character, and the new ones are just a means of transportation. Comfortable, convenient vehicle. I can compare, I have both. Thanks to everyone who read.

Went fishing.

We went fishing on the weekend. We traveled together, so I immediately folded the backs of the second row so that things would not clot. There is enough space for everything you need for spring fishing. You can add a lot more if you want. Specially took the phone to take more pictures. But when fishing, you forget about everything)))

1997 Toyota RAV4 Review #9 - SUV, 1 generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 135 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 12
1997 Toyota RAV4 Review #9 - SUV, 1 generation, petrol engine, 2 l., 135 horsepower, Four-wheel drive, automatic | Consumer Report, photo 13

Year of car purchase: 2021

Mileage: 247359 mi. (398000 km.)

Fuel consumption on the highway:

  • 20 miles per gallon (US)
  • 24 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 12.0 l/100km

Fuel consumption in the city:

  • 16 miles per gallon (US)
  • 19 miles per gallon (UK)
  • 15.0 l/100km

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