1996 Toyota RAV4 Review #607

Toyota RAV4 Review


  • 1996 Toyota RAV4
  • Vehicle Year: 1996
  • SUV
  • 1 generation
  • Petrol engine, 2 l., 136 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic
  • Steering wheel Left

Consumer Report

Hello Ruffers!!!!!!!!!! ;))

So I became the owner of such a wonderful machine.

The choice was not accidental, small, compact, nimble and most importantly high. Before that there was a witz, now you eat like on a ship !!!!!!!

First impressions - SUPER!!! quiet in the car, visibility to the top five, ergonomics just class!!!!

The car was bought at auction, score 3.5, mileage (on the speedometer) 94500.

The car had to wait almost 2 months. Railway delivery to Novosibirsk.

Upon arrival immediately took up her MOT. Replaced filters, oils, all fluids pads. The most expensive was the replacement of the timing belt and roller. Everything else is available. The total cost of maintenance and so any trifle did not exceed the amount of 15,000 rubles !!!!!!!!! :)))

The next stage of work on the car is the installation of kengurin, sills and trunk on crashes. The car was bought in order to go to nature, fishing (not off-road).

In general, the car is good and very predictable.

While there is nothing more to write, as soon as I finish work on the car, I'll write.


Fuel consumption on the highway: highway - 6.5-7 city 10 l / 100km

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2021-11-19 (03:12)

did not measure gasoline. I run on gas. new lovato-digitronic installation. consumption in the city 14-15 liters. car 5-door 1996

Al-is 2021-11-15 (09:01)

You can bully me all. I have 8 liters on the highway, city 10-11. 92. Driving style is calm. Whoever has a higher consumption, either anneal it to the fullest, or the automatic transmission is dull, there is no collapse, the oil in the razdatka and the gearbox is old, the tires are flat and the tires are generally bad. Bring your car back to normal and you will be happy.

2021-11-03 (09:01)

I myself have been driving RAVka for almost two years (95 years) consumption in the city in the summer of 11-11.5

Nikiigor2 2021-09-27 (09:01)

Dana, welcome to our RAV-4 forum https://forums.drom.ru/toyota-rav4/, all the answers are there :)

A 2021-09-24 (09:01)

The guy bought what he wanted (3.5 rating and 94,500 km) and is happy about it. Everyone has different opportunities, but he bought it not for show off, but to ride on nature. So far, there really isn’t much to read, but he also indicated that he would write as soon as he finished. Good luck, stay healthy.

Alex6 2021-09-21 (09:01)

And I'm interested in reading. It's nice to know that someone else is delighted with such a machine. And even if we are all smart, and we have a lot of experience, and we know the consumption, and we can evaluate the car only by looking at it ... But it’s just weak to be glad! And even the girl asks him for advice. And do not kick the guy, just be happy for the person!

Severchanin 2021-09-19 (09:01)

Maybe RAV on the highway to eat a little, you can not doubt it. Only you need to go 70-75 km / h. Then you get 7 l / 100km. Another thing is that it is painful to move at such a speed. At 90 km / h it will already be 8 l / 100 km. Further more.

Dana 2021-09-19 (09:01)

hi Arthur. I'm going to buy myself a rafik, I dreamed about it for a long time, now I grew up and I can buy it myself, advise what to look for when buying a car and what to change in the first place?

Zwer_nsk 2021-09-16 (09:01)

Faust +100!! on the rafchik, you just don’t need to put pressure on the pedal at all in order to meet 10 ... review for 2.

Yura-717 2021-09-16 (09:01)

4WD and such fuel consumption. Unreal! You are lying, colleague. I myself have been using such a device for 3 years in different modes, less than 9 even in the summer on the highway with all my desire and an economical driving style does not work.

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